Electronic nose being developed

Most folks would probably dismiss a weather monitor with built-in clock function as a “meh” device, but this one from Oregon Scientific aims to impress you with more than just its functions. It boasts a projection clock that will react constantly to forecasted weather from 12 to 24 hours in advance, changing its display color accordingly (red, light blue, blue, orange and green), depending on the upcoming weather condition. Dubbed the BAR339P, this device helps you plan your day ahead with a range of outdoor conditions including sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy and snowing using a remote sensor with a range of up to 100 feet (30m).

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Remote-controlled pills in the works

Pharmacists are currently doing their level best to control the release of drugs from a pill by using different release mechanisms – even entertaining the idea of using a pill that may come with a coating that is designed to be dissolved in a particular part of the digestive tract or after a certain amount of time. Unfortunately, this method isn’t really all that effective considering how the rate of passage through the body varies, with different individuals having varying levels of digestive enzymes compared to others. Philips has decided that the best way to circumvent this problem would be using a remote-controlled pill, boasting a cavity for carrying a drug that can be opened by a remote signal.

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Tactile Video Displays in the works

tactile-display.jpgThe National Institute of Standards and Technology has successfully developed active Braille-like technology that aims to bring a newfound sense of freedom and empowerment to blind folk, letting them “feel” images just like how the rest of us sighted folk see on a video screen. This technology has already been licensed to a commercial firm in order for it to be manufactured into actual products that could be purchased off the shelf by ordinary folk. Sounds pretty interesting, eh – read on for more after the jump.

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Gaming Gear lets users really feel the impact

3rd Space Vest

It’s no secret that the state of computer gaming graphics is getting more and more realistic all the time. The state of the art can easily be seen in the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3’s stunningly realistic situations, lighting shades, and characters who make the term virtual reality even seem archaic by today’s standards. And with more and more designers like Nintendo’s Wii looking to add feedback and faster reaction time, the state of the art is not only more realistic, it’s more immersive. So, when TN Games designed the 3rd Space Vest, which allows gamers to actually feel the impact of punches and shots, the next level of realism in computer simulations seems to have been achieved. It looks like a bullet proof vest, and that’s essentially the idea. To feel the impact, not suffer from it.

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Anti-stress milk, from Japan of course


Yet another strange product from Japan. This time, it’s a natural product. Milk. However, it’s not normal milk.

It’s taken from cows only once a week, at the break of dawn. This way, the milk is about 4 times richer in natural melatonin than usual. Melatonin is considered to be a strong stress reliever.

The fact that the milk is bottled at no more than 6 hours after the milking also helps it to retain natural properties.

What’s truly stunning about this milk however is its price: $43 for a 900-milliliter bottle. Quite ‘spensive, isn’t it?

The original press release is right after the break.

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Mygo cane could replace seeing eye dogs


While seeing eye dogs have served the blind faithfully throughout the years, will technology one day replace them? Sebastian Ritzler, a student from Germany from the Muthesius Academy of Art and Design in Kiel, Germany, recently developed an interactive guiding system for the blind known as Mygo that comes in the form factor of a cool, rolling white cane. The Mygo cane itself is supposed to be made out of some sort of super tough waterproof material and will be height adjustable so that it suits both males and females. What makes the Mygo cane stand out from ordinary ‘dumb’ canes is the inclusion of a system with a smart sensor and camera combo which is capable of measuring the ground area accurately in real time while pushing auditory feedback to a headset. The integration of a mini wheel at the tip of the cane also helps greatly as it has a hub motor which provides intuitive feedback via the grip, doubling up as a steering guide which has a battery life of approximately 6 hours.

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