New thermometer line ready to see action


American Scientific Resources, better known as ASR for short, has just announced that they will be rolling out a new range of affordable yet revolutionary, 5-in-1 non-contact thermometers that were specially designed to meet the needs of consumers and healthcare workers globally. Instead of the usual glass-and-mercury combination, these new non-contact thermometers are a snap to use, where it is able to provide instant temperature reading that is accurate as well, while making kids (and some adults) more comfortable since they no longer need to have something probing their orifice – whether it is from the top or at the bottom. Too bad for the little ones, as I clearly remember be paedatrician offering me lollipops after taking my temperature as a form of goodwill.

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Implantable solar cells the way of the future

solar-biodeviceSolar energy seems to be the way to go regardless of where you stay (we’re talking about populated areas and not some of those tribal peoples who live in extreme cold conditions, introduced to us through National Geographic), as it is free, environmentally friendly and capable of keeping your devices juiced up no matter what, albeit requiring far longer than usual compared to a regular power outlet. There is a new method of implementing solar cells, and we’re not talking about having it on your roof or the top of your car – as a partnership between researchers from Donghua University in Shanghai, China and Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces in Potsdam, Germany, managed to come up with photovoltaic cells that can be used to recharge batteries in implanted devices simply by shining a near infrared laser beam via the skin.

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Angle Tracking and Location at Home System (ATLAS) bimanual rehabilitation glove


Strokes are one of the more serious diseases to strike anyone, and in some cases, it could prove to be fatal. Otherwise, others might get off lightly with a change in diet and lifestyle required, while a handful will suffer from limited movement and some degree of paralysis. Apart from getting the proper medical treatment and love from the rest of friends and family, rehabilitation is also important if one wants to regain some semblance of motor functions. The Angle Tracking and Location at Home System (ATLAS) bimanual rehabilitation glove was developed by students at Northeastern University, where it supposedly helps post-stroke patients recover their motor skills. This is made possible thanks to integrated sensors in the ATLAS system alongside a feedback mechanism which interfaces with a computer to allow hand training at home.

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Memory loss countered with Kind Reminder

kind-reminderBeing a caregiver for the elderly is no mean task, and those who are raised around Asian cultures know that filial piety rank pretty high in the order of importance for any family. After all in an ideal world, parents were the ones who raised us up right over the years, all the way from our diaper wearing days, seeing us through university with their hard-earned savings in order for us to land a cushy job in a high powered company. Isn’t it time for one to repay the favor then by making sure our aged folks are well taken care of? Unfortunately, life with those who suffer from memory loss or Alzheimer’s can prove to be quite challenging, but thank goodness technology has advanced to such a state where it could help one out – in this case, the Kind Reminder.

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Back2Life Continuous Motion Massager


Back pain is a common complaint, whether you’re getting up there in years or still only in your late 20s, it just happens.  Some people are against going to a chiropractor every time they have a back ache.  Instead of visiting doctors constantly, you could give this Back2Life Continuous Motion Massager a try.  It’s said that it’ll help align your spine and relieve that discomfort and pressure.

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911 Medical ID card


Are you busy with your holiday shopping that you have run out of gift ideas? Apart from checking out our Gadget Gift Ideas alongside numerous other posts that offer handy yet affordable suggestions, how about considering something which would definitely make an impact during an emergency? We’re talking about the 911 Medical ID card which could literally save the recipient’s life. This new medical ID card will offer the security of personal medical information that can be toted around in a similar manner to that of a credit card, making it the ideal present for travelers, seniors, caregivers, parents, students, the chronically ill, and many others. More on how the 911 Medical ID card works in the extended post.

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Pro-Health system for your teeth


Procter & Gamble Oral Care recently made known to consumers on another method they can take in order to keep their mouths healthy and happy this coming holiday season by unveiling the new Crest Pro-Health system. Sounds like a glorified toothbrush, eh? Well, the Crest Pro-Helath system is a 3-step oral hygiene regimen which will basically result in consumers who are virtually free from plaque regardless of the types of decadent foods and festive over-indulgences that are bound to come your way this holiday season. Sounds like a magical cure all, and everyone won’t mind talking to someone with a pleasant breath, right? Especially if you’re single and hope to kiss the girl of your dreams under a mistletoe…

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PillCam Colon 2 makes its mark

pillcam-colon2Medical knowledge and technology sure has come a long way from the ancient times where sickness was attributed to the devil and his cohort, and in this day and age where going under the knife often meant saving a life, the PillCam Colon 2 makes its appearance, going one up on its predecessor of the same name (sans the progression in number, of course). This endoscopic capsule was specially designed for imaging of the large intestine, and has picked up European approval recently, having been unveiled at the Gastro 2009 Conference in London, England.

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