Darma is a seat cushion that will improve your body and mind


We sit on our buns for most of the day. While we might get up to stretch every once in a while when our legs feel restless or to go get lunch, we really don’t bother moving much. It’s hard to remind yourself how long you’ve been sitting in the same position, if your posture is correct, and when it’s time to get up for a quick walk around the room.

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ChronoDose – Transdermal Drug Delivery


I can’t imagine the addictive pull of a cigarette. Having been lucky enough to have never started smoking, I find it amazing how many people still light up, despite the fact that it can, well… kill you.  I guess it must be an overwhelming task to try and stop doing something your brain has become hardwired to expect. They say the benefits of quitting begin almost immediately. What’s on the horizon that might help? Other than gum, pills, and patches?

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The Cortex Exoskeletal Cast – Waterproof Wonder?


It happened again. I took a walk around the lake, and saw a little boy sitting in the sand, lathered up with sunscreen, with a big bulky casts on his arm. He was begging his mom to let him cover it in a plastic bag just so he could take a quick dip in the cool water. She was patiently trying to explain why that wasn’t going to work. I felt so bad, his whole summer practically ruined by a broken bone. There should really be some other way.

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DNA Time Capsule – Leave some of YOU Behind.


I’ve done quite a few posts regarding how to plan for ones final goodbye. Fancy caskets, being shot into space, having our ashes pressed into diamonds, being made part of a living underwater reef system. I just haven’t really hit upon an option that completely appeals to me yet. Ideally, I’d like to find something that let’s me come back, or at least a reasonable facsimile of me. Is that wrong?

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Hexoskin – The Future of Fitness Tracking


We’ve all heard of the Fitbit and the Flex, there are a few health monitors on the market these days. But, for the most part,  they all seem pretty similar. I know there are some differences that might help you decide which might be the best fit for you… but let’s add one to the mix, and it’s not a bracelet, it’s a wearable garment that seems to raise the bar, when it comes to what we’ve come to expect from a health and fitness monitor.

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Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor unveiled

withings-monitorIt goes without saying that every single home would need its fair share of electrical devices, and some of these are indispensable – such as a refrigerator, a computer, and perhaps even a TV set. As for a blood pressure monitor, I hardly see manual versions any more, but technology has moved at such a pace that the blood pressure monitor has now taken a twist where it is not only electronic, but runs sans wires as well. We are referring to Withings’ Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, of course, which was unveiled at the recently concluded CES 2014.

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Evena Medical – New “Eyes On” Glasses get Under your Skin


If you’ve ever been to the doctor and had your blood drawn you know that every now and then it’s a hit or miss proposition. Sure, most of the time it’s no big deal, but you’ll remember for weeks to come when they couldn’t find a vein and you left the office bruised and sore. Aging, and certain illnesses or accidents can cause a blood draw, or IV placement to become very difficult… and sometimes, seconds count.

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World’s First ‘Smart’ Diabetes Treatment in the Works


I have family members with diabetes. It seems like most of us do. Thankfully, they are all managing quite well, one of them uses an insulin pump and the other relies on daily injections. I know you get used to things, but it sure seems like a lot to deal with, especially for a child, between the testing and the insulin, she seems to be getting “stuck” a whole lot, and for someone that doesn’t like shots… I always wonder when someone will come up with a better way.

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