Omron Healthcare HeartGuide available for pre-order

It is inevitable that as our bodies begin to age, we end up with more and more ailments, not to mention parts of our bodies begin to function in a less efficient manner than ever before. Many of the elderly have learned to cope with various conditions, and having a blood pressure monitor machine at home is always handy. Omron Healthcare has come up with its all-new HeartGuide, which is touted to be the first wearable blood pressure monitor from the company. Made available for pre-orders already, this oscillometric blood pressure monitor would arrive in the design of a wrist watch and has picked up clearance from the FDA as a personal medical device.

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Nima Peanut Sensor helps avoid unnecessary health risks

Nima-Peanut-SensorI love all kinds of nuts, peanuts especially, and am extremely thankful that I am not allergic to them at all. However, for many people, they run a risk of serious health issues or even death when exposed to peanuts or virtually anything else that has traces of nuts. This makes it extremely important for them to read labels on foods before consuming them, and taking extra care and precaution during the food preparation process to make sure that there is no peanut contamination that occurs along the way. Why not make life easier with the Nima Peanut Sensor? This is a unique device that is able to quickly and easily detect down to 10 parts per million (ppm) of peanut protein, assisting those who suffer from peanut allergies.

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The Future of Disease Diagnosis is Here

generadar_1Our entire lives we have been seeing cool medical advancements on television and in the movies. But when will those advancements really arrive to our everyday lives? We put men on the moon, carry gigabytes of memory in our pockets and can control the temperature in our house from half a world away. Yet diagnosing diseases – something we all have interest in – still depends on tests and labs and medical professionals.

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Darma is a seat cushion that will improve your body and mind


We sit on our buns for most of the day. While we might get up to stretch every once in a while when our legs feel restless or to go get lunch, we really don’t bother moving much. It’s hard to remind yourself how long you’ve been sitting in the same position, if your posture is correct, and when it’s time to get up for a quick walk around the room.

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ChronoDose – Transdermal Drug Delivery


I can’t imagine the addictive pull of a cigarette. Having been lucky enough to have never started smoking, I find it amazing how many people still light up, despite the fact that it can, well… kill you.  I guess it must be an overwhelming task to try and stop doing something your brain has become hardwired to expect. They say the benefits of quitting begin almost immediately. What’s on the horizon that might help? Other than gum, pills, and patches?

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The Cortex Exoskeletal Cast – Waterproof Wonder?


It happened again. I took a walk around the lake, and saw a little boy sitting in the sand, lathered up with sunscreen, with a big bulky casts on his arm. He was begging his mom to let him cover it in a plastic bag just so he could take a quick dip in the cool water. She was patiently trying to explain why that wasn’t going to work. I felt so bad, his whole summer practically ruined by a broken bone. There should really be some other way.

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