Cyclists will love the Refactor Fitness RF-1 GPS

Do you love cycling? Well, if you simply go around the neighborhood on your bicycle, chances are you do not need to own a cycling computer of any kind, but the more serious ones who would love to check out their performance statistics or explore new places would certainly be able to do a whole … Read more

Ahead ensures your helmet gains some smarts

aheadGetting around on a bicycle is great — not only do you get to enjoy a whole lot of exercise along the way, you will also help reduce the amount of carbon footprint left behind in the world. Wearing a helmet can be said to be compulsory in developed countries when you cycle on the road, so why not transform your helmet into something smart? Ahead is the smallest device in the world which is able to transform your helmet into a smart one, thanks to the technology packed within that hails from Analogue Plus. You end up with the full power of a smartphone, right smack in your helmet.

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FEND is a Collapsible Bike Helmet that folds to a third of its size


If you ride a bike and care at all about your safety, you should be wearing a helmet. Otherwise you’re just asking for instant death as there’s really nothing to save you from a collision. Not protecting your elbows, knees and any other uncovered areas are up to your discretion, but bashing your head on the hard ground will not heal up as easily. It’s obnoxious to have to carry a bicycle helmet around all day, but your safety should come before looking cool, right?

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Sena introduces smart cycling helmet

senaYou have only one head, and under that hair and skin on the outside lies a skull. The skull is what keeps your brain protected from all sorts of knocks and hits, but since it is not made out of some indestructible material, you know that some blunt force could actually shatter the skull — and mush up everything inside. This means one should always be extra careful when it comes to protecting one’s head, even more so when you are traveling on a bicycle or motorbike. A helmet is mandatory for road users who get about on two wheels, and helmets have also evolved to keep up with the times. Sena intends to be part of the smart helmet revolution with their new smart cycling helmet.

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The Gi FlyBike is an electric bike that folds in one second

The Gi FlyBike

We know what commuter life is all about. Crowded buses, smelly trains, traffic jams, and pedestrians walking slowly towards each other, making it impossible not to acknowledge one another, but not wanting to until you’re close enough to be able to pass without having to keep looking at the other person. Riding a bicycle is a grand idea, but comes with its own set of issues such as where do you put it, how will you make sure you’re seen at all times, and how do you keep yourself looking presentable after pedaling up a storm?

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The Halfbike is a manually powered Segway


Commuting to work when it’s just a bit too far to walk always makes you consider getting some set of wheels. It could be a skateboard, scooter, or bicycle, but oftentimes the most widely used option is the latter. The only problem is that bicycles take up a lot of space regardless of where you put it. Not to mention there’s the hassle of storing it once you get to your destination and trying to make sure it isn’t stolen.

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Rideye is a black box for bicyclists


There are ways to get from point A to B other than driving a car. There’s the bus, walking, or bicycling at your disposal. They all are a bit more cumbersome in some way, like being too crowded on the bus, or bad weather for a walk. The most dangerous method of the aforementioned list though, is riding your bike. While this will help you get a workout and save you some money, there are a lot of people who don’t like sharing the road.

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NYNE Bluetooth Speaker – Take it with You when You Go.

I live in an area where everyone is on a bike. I see them all day long with their spandex on, water bottles strapped to their bike frames and earbuds in their ears. Now I’m sure they’re listing to very motivational music, I mean, I know I’d need motivational music (or a rabid pit bull behind me) to keep going. What they are NOT listening to however, is me honking my horn. I honestly don’t mind one bit, but it just doesn’t seem safe.

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Pedal Power Your Devices

Bicycle hubs have long provided power for bike headlights via small, built-in generators (dynamo hub), a great, green power source. But there are a few drawbacks. The power generated varies with your pedaling. Slow pedaling delivers a decent charge, but speed on the bike creates spikes and surges in the power – not healthy for devices. Another drawback is lack of storage for the power you generate. Seems like there are other uses for the pedal generated power like charging your electronic devices! BioLogic, bike accessory maker, offers a line of products that enables you to channel that bicycling energy with their ReeCharge™ Dynamo Kit and ReeCharge™ Power Pack.

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