Cardo scala rider G9 – Can you Hear Me Now?

My husband and I both have our motorcycle licenses, and it was my dad that taught me to ride, and while it makes me a little more nervous than it used to, I still love the idea of a bike… the wind in your hair and the bugs in your teeth. But if we all go out together, its just so hard to communicate – even with some of the better helmet systems out there.
That is until now, let me introduce you to Cardo scala rider G9, Cardo Systems Inc (a Pittsburgh PA company) specializes in the design and development of state of the art communication and entertainment systems for motorcycle helmets and the G9 is no exception. Featuring unparalleled intercom connectivity and wireless access to mobile phones, GPS and MP3 music, this super slim, compact headset installs in minutes and lets you talk to up to 8 fellow riders almost a mile away.

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Loudmouth Leo – the Animated Speaker for almost Anything with Audio

I have to admit I’m a sucker for toys, I still love every conceivable plaything known to mankind. It’s not unusual for my daughter and I to be yelling at each other about whose “turn” it is, after all, it’s only fair that everyone gets a chance and I am trying to teach her a valuable life lesson. Well, at least that’s my story. So when she brought this next item to my attention we decided it would be in both of our best interests to get two.
Let me introduce you to Loudmouth Leo, no, not the one who comes over to holiday dinners and has a few too many eggnogs, but the plush animatronic Loudmouth Leo who plugs into just about anything you own that has an audio jack,(including things like your GPS system) and its ridiculousness just makes everything that you’re doing a whole lot more fun. Loudmouth Leo is a speaker that can talk, sing and dance. Its also battery operated so he can go anywhere. Check out the video after the jump.

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Sailing GPS targets those who love the seas

When it comes to the sport of sailing, there is an art to it just in case you were wondering. It is not all guts and glory as depicted in the movies as well as books, and if you decide to go at it solo, it can get extremely lonely at times. Back in the days when there was no GPS, one only had paper charts and parchments to work with. Good thing for those of you who are about to take up sailing, plenty of technological advancements have been made – and here we are with the sailing GPS.
The Sailing GPS comes in extremely handy, as it will not only account for the tacking that sailboats experience, but is also full well capable of informing you of the optimal tacking angles alongside your Tacking Time to Destination (TTD). Sounds like a dream, no? Hopefully it will be easy to use as well, which is something that we will take a closer look at right after the jump.

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Garmin does golf with new Approach S3 Touchscreen GPS Golf Watch

When the name Garmin is presented, what comes across your mind? Most of us would think that a GPS navigation system will be the topic here, but not for today. No sir, Garmin has something different in store for you – which is actually the new Approach S3 Touchscreen GPS Golf Watch. As the name suggests, this is one timepiece that deserves to see action whenever you are ready to tee off. Since golf is not only about lowering the number of strokes each time you play but will also touch on the issue of style, you can be sure that no one is going to question your fashion sense when you strap the Approach S3 around your wrist.
After all, it has been described to be stylish, coming in a rugged and waterproof form factor. This high-resolution glove-friendly touchscreen device will also be pre-loaded with 27,000 worldwide courses to begin with – and more information on newer courses will be added in the long run, where you need not fork out additional subscriptions or fees. If you want, you can wear the Approach S3 as a day to day timepiece, and whenever you are ready to tee off, you can then take advantage of its features such as Green View with manual pin positioning, distances to doglegs and layup points, customizable yardage points and digital scorecards.

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Last Alert – Find your Phone even after it's Dead

The alarm goes off in the morning and everyone scrambles. Right about the time we should be getting in the car to get my daughter to school, the inevitable happens…Wheres my phone? And the search is on. Yes, I know we should just put our phones in the same place every night. Yes, I know all this unpleasantness could be avoided, but how many of you have misplaced or dropped your phone somewhere and couldn’t find it? Come on, a show of hands please.
So I want you to check out Last Alert, a neat new app designed to help you find your lost iDevice, even if (horror of horrors) you know the battery is dying. Last Alert not only emits an audible tone letting you know your battery is dying but it will actually send you an email during your phones last gasp of energy, letting you know the actual location of its demise. But thats not all!

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Tiwi – Better than a Nagging Mom

There are few things that strike terror in my heart as quickly and deeply as the thought that someday, sooner than I would like to admit, my little girl will be driving a car. Its hard to imagine the kid, who still cant get milk directly into the cereal bowl, will be out and on the open road. Joking aside, its an awesome thought, one made more ominous by the never ending news reports of teenagers making deadly mistakes while they are still learning to drive.
I’d like to introduce you to Tiwi, who may very well be your teens next best driving companion. Tiwi mounts to the vehicles windshield or dashboard and monitors acceleration, braking, speed limits and driving patterns. Tiwi then analyzes the data and in real time, verbally assists your teen driver, by telling them to slow down, buckle up or to stop driving so aggressively. Tiwi provides parents with alerts and notifications via text messages, emails or a phone call.

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Tagg Pet Tracker – Your Pet can Text You while he’s Away

When I was a kid we had a dog that ran away all the time, I remember combing the streets and screaming his name over and over, making posters and driving the streets with my dad. Thing is, he was so cute and lovable, we would always find him hanging out with some neighbors, getting fed table scraps and lounging in the grass, but I still worried, I loved him so much.
Well, little Digger’s social life would have been cut short with the Tagg Pet Tracker, designed for dogs and cats over 10 lbs. this small, lightweight device attaches to your pet’s favorite collar with a 2 piece clip. Of course it is designed to withstand all the running, digging, jumping and swimming your pet may encounter during his getaway. The tracker is meant to be worn all the time, in all kinds of weather. 

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The Breadcrumb Tracker – Your Teen’s Worst Nightmare

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but it seems like more kids are getting into trouble, or worse, ending up missing. It seems like everyday I hear a news report about a child abduction, or a missing mom… there are Silver alerts on the highway warning us to be on the lookout for a “lost” senior. I don’t know whats going on, but it does keep me up nights. I remember when I was a kid, wandering the neighborhood for the entire day, coming home in time for dinner, its not like that anymore.
Breadcrumb is offering a unique location technology software that is able to provide parents or caregivers the ability to view the precise location of their family members right from their Smartphone, or any Internet connected computer. The software also allows children to send a request for help to their parents with a simple push of a button on their Smartphone. A parents dream, a teenagers worst nightmare.

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AT&T partners with Amber Alert GPS

Gone are the days when you can trust your little one to have some fun outdoors without worrying yourself silly over whether there is some weirdo out there who is stalking your kid. This has led to a growth in the market of child security, where devices such as kid-friendly cell phones as well as emergency buzzers have been released, and this time around we have mobile carrier AT&T work with Amber Alert GPS to deliver the V3 child tracking device.
This particular device is said to be able to keep parents notified of the current location of their children so that they need not worry themselves to a head full of white hair, but rather, let nature take its course. Just how flexible is the V3? Well, for starters, parents are able to create “Zones” around their home, neighborhood, school, soccer field – basically a perimeter along a selected area, and be on the receiving end of an email or text alert whenever their child enters or exits a Zone.

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Magellan has Back-Up Camera for RoadMate GPS units

When it comes to backing up your vehicle, not everyone finds it as easy as you do – or perhaps, you might even fall into the category of preferring to parallel park instead of backing up vertically! Well, fret not – there are devices out there in the market that will help you out of this particular dilemma, including a back up camera, but what happens when a GPS company like Magellan rolls out their Back-Up Camera companion device? This will play nice with the RoadMate safety series of car navigation units, letting you reverse and park more safely.
Working in tandem with this camera would be a Safety Series GPS navigator that will expand Magellan’s focus on safety and security the entire time you are seated within your vehicle. It will kick off whenever the Back-Up Camera kicks into high gear, helping you reverse out safely from your driveway, and will continue working throughout your entire commute with premium GPS navigation features. The time it clocks out? When you park your car without causing any damage to property around you, followed by shutting off the ignition.

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