Rand McNally announces Foris 850 GPS handheld device

Who created the first GPS navigation system in the world? I suppose some might say that in the fairy tale universe, it would be Hansel and Gretel, as they dropped breadcrumbs in order to leave a trail behind. Well, the modern day GPS systems are a whole lot more accurate for sure, and one player in the market would be Rand McNally who has decided to introduced their latest GPS handheld device known as the Foris 850.

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SPOT Connect – No Cell Service, No Problem

I have a very good friend, that is not only a fantastic guy, he devotes quite a bit of his time to helping others. He is an EMT, he participates in search and rescue, he’s been in third world countries dispensing medical care. I hear some of the stories, and I am amazed at how many horrible tragedies could have been avoided with proper communication. I also worry about his safety as well.

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Tagg Pet Tracker ensures you know just how much activity your pet has been getting

I am a firm believer in Cesar Millan’s methods when interacting with dogs – you basically got to establish yourself as the alpha dog in the home, while the rest of your family members follow the pecking order with Fido (even though he might be one mean looking brute) right down there at the bottom. Right under the resident tortoise, even. Another thing is to make sure that your precious furkid gets an adequate amount of exercise each day, and how do you do that? Obviously bringing Fido out for walks in the mornings as well as evenings would be part of the routine, and you can also get some exercise along the way as well. Some breeds do require more exercise than others, and if you want everything to boil down to exact figures, then you might be interested in the Tagg Pet Tracker that will let you, the pet’s owner, know just where your pet is, as well as receiving a notification just in case it gets lost.

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The Spy Watch – GPS Tracker and Mobile Device for Kids

It’s amazing how quickly our kids grow up, that being said I have to admit I still see my daughter as a little girl and I’m not really enjoying having to let her venture off to do things on her own. This year she wants to go trick-or-treating with her friends. What? No mom to take pictures, “test” the candy and watch for traffic? Is she nuts?

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ICEdot Crash Sensor – Help is on the Way


One of my favorite things is new automotive tech. I especially loved those systems that could detect an accident and call an ambulance for you. Remember the commercials? “Mr. Jones, we have detected you have been involved in a front end collision, we are alerting the authorities, help is on the way.” I love that. Heck, I love anything that makes me feel safer.

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Nokia delivers live traffic advice and geocoding to Bing platform

Nokia has certainly come a long way, and while they have jumped into the smartphone game a little bit later than the rest, that does not mean that Nokia is well and truly beaten despite resting on their laurels some years back. No sir, their alignment with Microsoft to deliver the Windows Phone operating system on their smartphones has proven to be quite the masterstroke, as the fluidness of the operating system has certainly won over the hearts and minds of many people. Well, this time around, Nokia’s collaboration with Microsoft continues, with the Finnish smartphone manufacturer delivering live traffic advice as well as geocoding capability to the Bing platform.

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Callaway announces upro mx+ golf GPS device

< ![CDATA[Love nothing better than to have a round of golf on the green? You might be interested to check out the Callaway announces upro mx+ golf GPS device then, where this particular puppy is set to arrive in stores from May 30th onwards. The upro mx+ has been touted to be the only golf GPS available on the market which delivers ProMode, offering golfers the actual aerial imagery and video flyovers of each hole in order to deliver the most realistic view of the course.
Golfers will then be empowered so that they can purchase this particular product at a special introductory price of $249, sans any additional fees. Each of the purchases will be accompanied by access to free and unlimited ProMode course downloads.

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Google's Project Glass – Welcome to the Future

Imagine this if you will, you’re walking down the street engaged in a video chat with your friend, who is 6000 miles away, taking pictures and planning your day when you realize you don’t know where you are, as you look up and to the right a computer screen appears in your line of vision, and you ask it to find the nearest subway station, and it does. The coolest part of this story is that this technology is out on our streets, right now.
Welcome Google’s foray into augmented reality glasses, housed in a pair of sleek and uber-cool glasses is a clear display that sits above just one of your eyes, these glasses can stream news and information, access maps and send or receive messages via voice command. The glasses can also take video or pictures, Android based, with a 3 or 4 G connection the Google glasses will also have motion sensors and GPS.

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Safe Snapp – a Digital Witness in an App

Could any more people end up missing? I cant even open a paper, watch the news or check my e-mails without hearing yet another tragic story of somebody’s loved one disappearing. As a mom its particularly scary. You would think with all of our satellites and GPS devices there would be something out there that’s better than what were doing now. What could it be?
Someone seems to be thinking in a better direction, check out Safe Snapp, these folks are just released one of the more innovative self-defense tools on the market made especially for your iPhone.  This unique mobile app, or the fact that an app like it actually exists, might just be enough of a deterrent to save some lives. Heres the deal, SafeSnapp provides iPhone users with the ability to place not only themselves, but a would-be attacker at the exact time and location before an attack can happen.

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