Bitlock – Keyless Entry for your Bike!


Bikes are such a convenient means of travel, most especially in the city. You see them locked, and chained to every pole, post and tree in almost every city in the world, and I guess that in this day and age, locks are a necessity. I’d like to see something a little more convenient, I mean, my car practically unlocks itself, why not my bike?

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Garmin delivers two more GPS running watches – the Garmin Forerunner 620 and Forerunner 220

garmin-forerunner-620Some of us like the feeling of running – it makes us feel extremely light, not to mention that running happens to be great exercise for one to burn all those additional calories that have accumulated around the waist. Having said that, Garmin, a name that is synonymous with GPS navigation devices, has just unveiled a couple of GPS running watches, and they are known as the Garmin Forerunner 620 and Forerunner 220. Both of them are said to be the lightest, thinnest, most advanced offerings for runners from Garmin, making it your very own non-living personal running coach.

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Tile – Tells You Where it’s At


I recently told you guys about iTrail, a nifty little electronic that lets you know what your kids, (or pets) are up to. I feel pretty prepared to keep tabs on them. What I have not mastered is the ability to keep track of my keys, phone and wallet! If I had a dollar for every time I had to yell to my family “has anyone seen my….?” I’d be a very rich woman indeed.

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iTrail – Keeping Tabs on your Car, Kids, or Keys.


My daughter’s only 10, but already I imagine the day she starts to hang out alone with friends, or worse… starts to drive . Who among us doesn’t have a horror story that involves a teen driver? Unfortunately, I remember being a teen (keep your snickering to yourself) and I couldn’t imagine anything bad ever happening to me. I took chances I shouldn’t have, and while I’m still around, I know kids who weren’t so lucky. Is there a way to keep kids safe, when driving, or even just shopping around the local mall?

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eZoom help parents keep tabs on their kids

ezoomIt is rather alarming to learn that according to the CDC, the leading cause of death for teenagers in the US happen to be motor vehicle accidents. It is said that on a per-mile basis, drivers who are aged from 16 to 19 have three times more propensity to be involved in a fatal crash compared to those who are aged 20 and higher. Fatal accidents are one thing, there are also tens of thousands who are injured every year in vehicle accidents. While parents and driving schools do all they can to prepare their teen drivers to drive safely, equipping them with education and driving tips, they will still need to let their once little ones “fly”, which is why a device like the eZoom makes perfect sense – it allows parents to keep tabs on teen drivers using advanced GPS technology.

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i’m Watch – The Next Generation


Its amazing how much things evolve and develop in the tech world. How quickly yesterday’s “oh wow!” becomes “so-what?” Even the same items can become cooler, more option filled and easier to use. Case in point? Check out the i’m Watch, sure we’ve reported on it before, but its changed into something else, a bit more versatile, and much more stylish. Welcome to the next generation…

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iFi – Stands for I Found It!

I used to be pretty organized, then I got married, had a child and started collecting stuff. Now it takes me an extra 40 minutes just to get out the door and countless hours trying to keep track of things. Forget taking a vacation, it’s almost too much work, who’s got the camera, the keys, the suitcases? Do you have your phone? Something is always lost or forgotten, is there a way to avoid it?

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Ness – Tells You Where You Want to Eat, and Why

He says “So what are we going to do tonight?” “I dunno, let’s go eat.” she says. “Where should we go?” he asks. To which the reply is quite often “I cant think of anywhere, you decide.” Does that sound familiar? It seems like every weekend we end up in the same old place and to be honest, if I do stray from our old haunts its usually a disappointing experience. There have actually been times we didn’t go anywhere simply because we couldn’t come up with anything that sounded fun.

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The New Seiko Astron – What Time is it Where You Are?

In our fast paced world it seems as though there is nothing more important than time. We keep track of it constantly, how much of it we need, how long things will take, and how little time we have left. People have been marking the minutes since.. well, the beginning of time. People are still wearing watches, more than just a fashion statement, the watch seems to be referred to more often than our phones, checking to see just how late you are to your next meeting or how long you need to wait for lunch.

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Magellan GPS watches arrive in Europe

Dedicated GPS navigation devices have been around for quite some time already, although there is the very real and present danger of such a niche market to go out of vogue with the plethora of devices these days (smartphones and tablets, especially) that already come with their fair share of built-in GPS navigation capability, hence doing away with the need for a dedicated GPS device. Still, companies like TomTom and Magellan are still around, and the latter has decided to expand the worldwide availability of their Magellan Switch Series of crossover GPS watches across the pond, specially targeting athletes who run, bike, swim or participate in a wide range of outdoor activities. The Magellan Switch and Switch Up watches will be made available from this month onwards from select retailers and via Magellan’s European distribution network.

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