Wacky Car Wheel Alarm Clock

car-wheel-alarm-clock.jpgClocks are everyday devices that we rely on to keep our lives going at a predictable pace. 6am often signals the wake up time for many as they get ready to meet the grueling challenges of the day ahead (unless it’s a weekend, of course). This means having an alarm clock of some sort in your bedroom is vital, but why settle for something that looks so ordinary when you can settle for the Car Wheel Alarm Clock? The name itself is pretty much self-explanatory – this alarm clock comes in the shape of a car wheel and, well, boasts an alarm to get your lazy ass out of bed in the mornings.

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The Chocolate Calculator or is it


Sounds great, a chocolate calculator but the only probem with that would be what happens when you eat some of the numbers? So of course it is not a chocolate calculator, it is however a calculator that looks like a nice bar of chocolate, it is even wrapped up similar to a real bar of chocolate, so there is bound to be a few accidents if we ever see it over here, so you have been warned.

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Flower Power Tools

If you think DIY tools are a bit too masculine an alternative is at hand, courtesy of Flowerpower tools. If I’d found these before Christmas it would of saved a lot of head scratching choosing presents for those awkward women in my life :).

Various essential tools are available including:

  • Flowerpower 5-in-1 English Rose Design Hammer with Built in 4-Part Interchangeable Screwdriver
  • Flowerpower English Rose Design Tape Measure 10 Metres
  • Flowerpower English Rose Design Spirit Level
  • Flowerpower English Rose Design Set of Three Garden Hand Tools

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Homer Head Jigsaw

My daughter and I tend to get a fair few joint Christmas presents (one of us is old for their age though some would argue that I’m a bit childish), the coolest joint present so far is the Homer sculpture puzzle. To make your own Homer bust you need to solve 150 individual jigsaw puzzles … Read more

Look Mom! I’m a cameraman!!! Also I can make this jump!! probably,,,

Sure, you mountain bike, snowboard, rock climb, fish, play chess, and drive formula 1, (this means you Coulthard!)

I’m sure you always wanted to bring back those living images of greatness when you jumped, landed, caught, or checkmated all your opponents in living color.

Now it’s possible for a reasonable sum of money! (that’s different than paying for the lipstick cameras that adorn F1 cars that cost a tad more than $100). Thanks to the ATC-2000 Action Camera from Oregon Scientific. A special thanks to the big guy over at Fat Cyclist, (his words not mine) for letting me in on the secret.

The Action camera is just what the typical adrenaline (and bbq salmon teriyaki) fiend is looking for.  Durability. Did I mention durability?  Yeah, cause I break stuff and I know you do too! As far as frame rate, you only get 15fps, which is more than fast enough to capture sports that require you to see what you’re doing.  Just don’t go play that Tron-lightcycles game, man that is hard to follow on video!

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Sink that Star Destroyer!

The world is divided into two types of people – those who absolutely love Star Wars and all of its nuances and those who loathe this piece of fantasy science fiction with a touch of mythology and hokey religion. Thankfully, there are way more of the latter that keeps the Star Wars merchandise machine going for decades ever since Luke Skywalker graced the silver screen almost 30 years ago. Hammacher is currently carrying the Star Wars version of the classic board game Battleship for a $59.95 price tag. Unfortunately, those who are living out of the Continental U.S. and Canada won’t have any luck bagging one as Hammacher will not ship it anywhere else.

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Gift Ideas for the Spy in your Life

It may not be the wisest of moves buying other people spy equipment but hey if you’re married to 007 and are stuck for a gift then check these out:

GPS Tracker

We wrote about this exceptionally cool GPS tracker earlier in the year and it became our first ever Digg front page (which meant lots of traffic and new readers (thank you digg)).

Once the tracker has done it’s travels and it’s back in your possession you simply connect it to you PC and download the data. This data can then be plotted on Google Earth, Mapquest, maps.google.com and Virtual Earth to show exactly where it’s been, how long it took and how it got there.

I just think this is so cool (may of said cool a record number of times in this post) it obviously has the spy functionality of tracking somebody else but to me it is even more useful for tracking your own holidays and backpacking adventures. So not only can you bore visitors with your holiday snaps you can also show them exactly where you went.

Available from from TG for $249.99.

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