Weather Station Keychain – Always be Prepared

I know what you’re thinking… If you’ve got your keys in your hand and you’re somewhere outside, it certainly doesn’t take a portable weather station to give you a glimpse into your weather future. But don’t knock it till you hear everything that this handy little gizmo has to offer. This ordinary sized keychain provides … Read more

R2-D2 Snow Globe

You know for sure that George Lucas must be scraping the bottom of the Star Wars franchise barrel with such an idea – the $9.99 R2-D2 Snow Globe, but I am also equally confident that there will be future winners down the road assuming he and his team rediscover their creative juices. This is basically … Read more

Dalek replica might be an expensive army to assemble

Dr. Who fans, heads up! Ever wondered how it would feel like to have an army of Daleks at your beck and call, annihilating anyone and everyone who gets in your way? Well, they say that money is not everything, but having more than enough of it is certainly something nice to have! What happens … Read more

Gifts for the Black Sheep

Don’t deny it, every family has at least one, the relative who thinks that everything is supposed to be fun. He might even be all grown up, but he acts like a child. Everyone loves him, except his wife. TannenBomb Prank Holiday Ornament $11.99 Personal Soundtrack Shirt $29.99 Zeus® Console $29.99 Golf Club Drink Dispenser … Read more

Toast and Jam Bodywash Set

Fancy some toast and jam? Well, the one here from Firebox is not of the edible variety, and instead of leaving sticky marks all over your body, it is meant to cleanse off the day’s dirt and grime. Why, you ask? Well, this £6.99 purchase is actually a gift set that comes with a pot … Read more

Build Your Own Roller Coaster, COOOOLLLL!

Roller Coaster Kit

This has got to be the coolest kit out there, make your own fully functioning roller coaster, I don’t know what father would not want one of these for upcoming fathers day (if my daughters reading this then please start saving)

It includes the classic roller coaster loop and for added realism the shoulder restraints automatically move up and down at the operating station. The included software lets you ride the coaster from any seat position and also provides true coaster geeks with a much needed real0time G-Force information.

You can build you own roller coaster for $159.99 from Think Geek. To get a better idea of how cool it is check out the video after the jump

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Floating Sofa looks relaxing

Sofas are meant to be relaxing, and sinking your tired body onto a comfortable one is one feeling that not many others can beat. Well, how about having the sound of some water flowing in the background to further enhance your relaxed mood? That is now made possible thanks to the Floating Sofa, measuring 68″ … Read more

Heat Changing Arcade Mugs

Love all those old, retro games from of yore? Heck, you would most probably be sitting at your now office desk, thinking about your heydays at the local arcade, holding on to the High Score in Pac Man till today. The joys (and pains) of growing up, eh? Why not relive those moments with the … Read more

Eye Clock

Do you get the feeling of being watched all the time even when you’re all alone in your home? Well, you can further enhance that creepy experience with the Eye Clock, where a pair of pupils will replace the hands of a clock to indicate the current time. For example, the left eye will ‘look’ … Read more

Eneloop kairo hand warmers

eneloop-kairoBy now, chances are most of you out there have already heard about Sanyo’s Eneloop batteries – those super durable rechargeable batteries that can work right out of the box, and are full well capable of retaining a charge of up to 85% even after a year in storage. Capable of being recharged up to a thousand times without losing any of its potency, Eneloops have fast become a popular choice for those who use devices that require AA, AAA, C and D batteries (thanks to the use of battery adapters), especially for digital cameras and remote control toys. Well, we have yet another device from the Sanyo Eneloop stable this time round known as the Eneloop Kairo – a portable rechargeable hand warmer. This sleek and stylish hand warmer arrives in the US market just in time for the bitter winter (in some states anyways), featuring an egg-style, one-sided design. Also known by its model number KIR-SE1S, you can choose from white or pink colors for the one-sided warmer, while those who prefer a double sided Eneloop Kairo (KIR-SL2S) can choose from silver or pink colors. Looks like you more or less have yet another candidate for a gift idea this Christmas, eh?

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