R/C Toy Gift Ideas

by Al

There’s nothing like a remote control vehicle to bring out the kid big in anyone, here we present some of our favourite R/C toys and vehicles.

Flytech Bladestar – $34.99

Flytech Bladestar

Soar through the house with this revolutionary flying machine – dodge lamps, walls, furniture and more.
– Rechargeable indoor flying machine
– Uses its sensor to avoid obstacles and ceilings in Autopilot Mode
– Use the directional pad to navigate or hands to guide
– Use RC mode to take complete control
– Control height and power with the throttle
– Go head-to-head with a friend in an aerial dogfight with the included dogfight accessory (requires second Bladestar, sold separately)

The Flytech Bladestar is available from Discovery for $34.99 .


iRC Mini R/C Motor Bike – $49.99

iRC Mini R/C Motor Bike

With a built-in gyro that is always spinning, these diminutive motor bikes can move slowly enough to be maneuverable without falling over. The included remote looks like a motorcycle accelerator grip. Charge your mini-bike from the remote then go on a cross country tour of the accounting department.

The iRC Mini R/C Motor Bike is available from Think Geek for $49.99 .


Radio Control Drift Attack Stunt Vehicle – $49.99

Radio Control Drift Attack Stunt Vehicle

Twist, spin, drift and slide – this radio control attack vehicle performs more stunts than ever.
– Wheels rotate, slide and drift for terrain-defying maneuvers
– Performs wheelies, power slides, spins, drifts and twists
– Executes upside down stunts and 360-degree spins
– Digital proportional control
– Glowing LED lights
– Four-wheel chassis with dual tread for improved high-torque movement

The Radio Control Drift Attack Stunt Vehicle is available from Discovery for $49.99 .


Remote Controlled Gyromobile – $59.95

Remote Controlled Gyromobile

This remote controlled, dual-wheeled gyromobile’s positively cambered, dual-wheeled design enables beginners to command it into dizzying spins and nimble turns. You can control it from up to 25′ away with the remote, moving it forward, backward, left and right because both 8 1/2″ diam. wheels can operate independently, allowing it to make hairpin turns and spin in place. It can jump over piles of laundry or flip over a stack of books because it is weighted such that it will always end up on its wheels.

The Remote Controlled Gyromobile is available from Hammacher for $59.95.


17” Skidoo RC Snowmobile – $79.95

17'' Skidoo RC Snowmobile

With authentic details like a working taillight and headlight, this 17″ scale replica snowmobile offers the complete Ski-Doo experience. Interchangeable skis let you run the unit on indoor surfaces or outdoors on the snow, and working suspension, a full-track design and signature aesthetics help the snowmobile look and handle just like the real thing.

The 17” Skidoo RC Snowmobile is available from Amazon for $79.95.


Cobra R/C 2 Channel Mini Helicopte – $89.99

Cobra R/C 2 Channel Mini Helicopte

With Our Cobra Toys Radio Controlled (RC) helicopters you can benefit from greater aerobatic capabilities and longer flying time. Carefully developed and tested, Cobra Toys use better batteries – often Li-Poly (Lithium Polymer) for quicker charge time and longer play time, better components and superior construction. The result is a premium quality designed and built product. Cobra Toys are produces at the best factories in China: Syma and Double Horse. Now includes the DOG FIGHT feature. Play against your friend with this new cool APACHI helicopter.

The Cobra R/C 2 Channel Mini Helicopte is available from Amazon for $89.99.


H2Go Fuel Cell Car – $109.99

H2Go Fuel Cell Car

Any toy that teaches kids about alternative energy in a way that makes it fun for them is definitely okay in my book. I’ve seen some that are kits and a bit more complicated. Honestly, I think that this car is one of the best approaches I’ve seen. It goes for the subtle angle, it’s a fun remote control car and doesn’t need a single battery to run.

The H2Go Fuel Cell Car is available from Amazon for $109.99.


Swim Along Manta Ray – $119.95

Swim Along Manta Ray

This is the remote controlled manta ray that glides underwater while you swim or snorkel nearby. Its hydrodynamic body has small holes in its upper body that allow water to displace air as it submerges down to its maximum depth of 8′. You can control it from 6′ away with the remote (which is waterproof down to 3′). Forefinger triggers on the underside of the remote enable independent pitch for each thruster, providing control for steep, powered dives to the bottom of pools and rapid ascents. Thumb toggles on the topside of the remote allow for independent thrust operation of each shrouded propeller, providing the ability to move forward, backward, make left and right turns, barrel rolls, or complete underwater loops–even intricate submerged Immelmann turns.

The Swim Along Manta Ray is available from Hammacher for $119.95.


Remote Control Authentic WWII Battling Tanks – $249.95

Remote Control Authentic WWII Battling Tanks

With authentic period details, realistic sounds, and infrared “projectiles,” these remote controlled tanks re-enact the famous armored clashes of World War II. At 1:24 scale, each tank’s weathering, battle damage, and authentic period details are clearly identifiable including the zimmerit coating on the German Tiger I, meant to thwart magnetic anti-tank mines, and the shell mark on the U.S. Army M4A3 Sherman. Both tanks generate realistic sounds while they move on realistic treads with suspension. Each is fitted with a cannon that fires an infrared beam 25′ away at a sensor on each tank. The tanks generate an explosion sound and vibrate to indicate they have been hit; five hits results in victory, which shuts the tank down.

The Remote Control Authentic WWII Battling Tanks is available from Hammacher for $249.95.


SRV-1 Blackfin Mobile Surveillance Robot – $495.99

SRV-1 Blackfin Mobile Surveillance Robot

Explore the dangerous terrain of your home or office with the SRV-1 Mobile Robot. This palm sized bot packs tank-like treads a 1000MIPS 500MHz Blackfin BF537 processor and a mini video camera. Using 802.11b/g wi-fi the SRV-1 interfaces wirelessly with a remote PC. The Java-based console software includes a built-in web server to monitor and control the SRV-1 via a web browser from anywhere in the world, as well as archive video feeds on demand or on a scheduled basis. Get programming with fully open-source software for robot and host computer.

The SRV-1 Blackfin Mobile Surveillance Robot is available from Think Geek for $495.99.


11 Geeky or Gadgety Valentine Gifts

by Al

It’s under a week until Valentines day, so time for a bit of gadget help for us last minute shoppers.

Duct Tape Roses – $18.00

Duct Tape Roses

Afraid to send a guy flowers? We have the perfect flower to send. Duct Tape Roses. Great for Valentine’s Day an anniversary gift, graduation gift or special birthday gift. Choose your color and quantity. Sold in quantity 3, 6, 9 or 12. Packaged with tissue, ribbon and cello wrapped.

The Duct Tape Roses is available from Abernook for $18.00.


Holographic Candlelit Dinner Kit – $5.99

Holographic Candlelit Dinner Kit

Any other human, when presented with a nice romantic candlelit dinner with the “significant-other” of their choice, would probably see hearts floating in their eyes. You, however, are one of those above-average superhumans (aka “Geek”), and as such are not as easily swayed by simple biological imperatives, and chances are good your chosen mate is as much geek as you are. Consequently, your natural cynicism requires the use of technology to generate those floating hearts.

The Holographic Candlelit Dinner Kit is available from Think Geek for $5.99.


Star Wars Padmé Amidala Costume – $39.99

Star Wars Padmé Amidala Costume

Even geeks have fantasy’s. From Rubies Costumes new “Secret Wishes” line, this sexy Padmé Amidala costume is perfect for Halloween parties or other special occasions. Includes slinky jumpsuit with attached boot tops and belt.

The Star Wars Padmé Amidala Costume is available from Star Wars Shop for $39.99.


My Perfect Guy Keychain – $5.99

My Perfect Guy talking key chain. Tired of looking for that “Perfect Guy”? Your search is finally over! Placing your needs before his own, this delightful talking key chain character always knows just what to say to make you happy! With a gentle squeeze of his tummy, My Perfect Guy speaks one of 10 custom messages designed to keep you laughing for a lifetime! Key chain is approx,6 inches CONDITION: New perfect gift for the girl who has everything;) except the perfect guy! The perfect guy! says thing only she wants to hear 😉 like “You shouldn’t be cleaning that ,Let’s hire a maid” or “Honey is it ok if I make dinner tonight ? ” plus 8 more funny sayings that you wouldn’t say yourself but she wishes you would

The My Perfect Guy Keychain is available from Amazon for $5.99.


TowelSpa Towel Warmer – $79.50

TowelSpa Towel Warmer

Our TowelSpa Towel Warmer thoroughly warms your towels, blankets, robes, or socks in only 6 minutes. Simply place a towel inside this towel warmer, close the lid, and press the warming button. By the time you step out of the shower, your towel will be perfectly toasty.

The TowelSpa Towel Warmer is available from Frontgate for $79.50.


2 Carat Mug – $14.95

2 Carat Mug

Heard the one about the sparkling ‘diamond’ ring that’s attached to a porcelain mug? It’s hilarious. Especially seeing as it’s packaged in a beautiful presentation box that only shows the gleaming ring. Haha!

The 2 Carat Mug is available from Firebox for $14.95.


Zombie Cupid Eats HEAAAARRRTTTS!! – $4.99

Zombie Cupid Eats HEAAAARRRTTTS!!

Valentine’s Day: 2099. It’s been a long hard fight against the Zombie Hordes, but the end is near. They are overpowering us. We’ve done our best, but we just couldn’t . . . . There’s a bang on the door. OMG, it’s Zombie Cupid. And he doesn’t have love-hearts at the end of his arrows . . . he has REAL hearts! And he’s eating them. Oh no! He’s coming this wa[end transmission from a bleak future]

The Zombie Cupid Eats HEAAAARRRTTTS!! is available from Think Geek for $4.99.


Handheld Percussive Massager. – $49.95

Handheld Percussive Massager.

After rigorous testing by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute, this handheld percussive massager earned the “Best” rating because it produced the most invigorating massage and allowed panelists to easily pinpoint sore muscles. While panelists criticized competing models for being too vigorous, the best percussive massager was lauded for its perfect massage intensity that was “very comfortable and relaxing.” The best massager earned the highest marks for relieving soreness in the shoulders, neck, back, and legs, leading one panelist to say its thumping nodes provided “a smooth massage that quickly loosened tight muscles.”

The Handheld Percussive Massager. is available from Hammacher for $49.95.


Personalized Beans – $36.00

Personalized Beans

Share the magic of these personalized beans as they grow with your name or message intact. Maximum of 10 characters per bean.

• size: 3/8″L x 5/8″W
• personalization: max of 10 characters per bean

The Personalized Beans is available from Abernook for $36.00.


Valantine’s Tree – $25.00

Valantine's Tree

This is a unique and original green gift. A tree will be planted as a Valentine gift in the
honoree’s name to commemorate his / her Love. This Eco-Friendly gift shows your originality and green conscience. A Tree will be planted in your selected US State, Israel or the Amazon. The Honoree will receive an elegant Tree Certificate, with your Name as the sender(s) and the tree number so they can find the tree location online.

The Valantine’s Tree is available from TreeInstead for $25.00.


iPillow – $19.95


Our soft, plush iPod pillow doubles as a WORKING radio. Use its built-in FM scan radio with audio speaker, or connect it to your iPod or CD player, computer, or other audio device and enjoy great sound.

The iPillow is available from KlearGear for $19.95.


If none of the above grab your fancy check out what other gadget blogs are talking about:

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Cool Gift Ideas for People to Make

by Al

Our next gift guide is aimed at the techie that enjoys making stuff before playing with it.

Magna-Bones 32 pcs – $14.99

Magna-Bones 32 pcs

Magna-Bones includes the skeletal remains of a Triceratops. Once you dig out your bones, assemble and pose Tri-Tops. Learn about their history and life on the collectable tin card.
– Feel like a real paleontologist!
– Build cool models with bone shaped rods.
– Endless hours of construction!
– An excellent way to develop scientific knowledge and social development.

The Magna-Bones 32 pcs is available from Amazon for $14.99.


Wooden War Engine Kits – $19.99+

Wooden War Engine Kits

These kits let you bring back all the fun of flinging. Each one can assemble in just a few hours, and provides a fantastic scale model of an actual war weapon of yore. The catapult is perfect for chucking balls of paper and other small objects over cubicle walls. The trebuchet is better for long range targets (like the water cooler or networked printer). And, all you need to put them together are some strong fingers (or pliers), a cutting tool, and glue (not included). Both kits are perfect for showing your love of retro weaponry.

The Wooden War Engine Kits is available from Think Geek for $19.99+.


Classic Video Table Tennis Kit – $19.99+

Classic Video Table Tennis Kit

Blocky table tennis with a ball and two paddles was one of the first real video games to make it into mainstream culture. It took an awful lot of high-tech electronics in 1972 to create this classic game. Now however you can cobble together your very own Classic Video Table Tennis Game with a little determination and some basic soldering skillz. This kit contains a pre-printed circuit board and 39 various resistors, diodes, and capacitors. Solder everything together (following the instructions we hope) and plug the audio and video into any standard TV for instant Table Tennis action. You can play against another lowly human or challenge the computer at four different skill levels.

The Classic Video Table Tennis Kit is available from Think Geek for $19.99+.



A Puzzling Selection of Gifts

by Al

Instead of being stuck for what to buy somebody get them a gift that will get them stuck.

Money Maze Bank Puzzle – $9.59

Money Maze Bank Puzzle

Keeps greenback gifts you add in view, but they can’t get to it until the puzzle is solved! Challenging fun for that hard to buy-for friend.

The Money Maze Bank Puzzle is available from Amazon for $9.59.


Irregular IQ Cube – $9.99

Irregular IQ Cube

No more straight vertical and horizontal cuts in the cube shape – oh no! There are now two new vertical slices, creating new planes for rotation, designed to totally bork up your spatial relations. Each turn brings you further away from sanity. It’s madness, I tell you!

The Irregular IQ Cube is available from Think Geek for $9.99.


Electronic Sudoku – $15.99

Electronic Sudoku

* Touch panel function
* Large LCD screen with backlight, suitable for day or night use
* User selectable Easy, Medium or Hard modes
* Each mode can automatically generate thousands of puzzles
* Game automatically enters sleep mode if not used for 10 minutes
* Resume Function: Continue game where you left it the last time
* Submit button allows you to check your results
* 9 hints available for every game
* Reminder function for wrong answer


Gift Ideas for the Impossible to Buy For

by Al

We all know somebody that’s really difficult to buy for, either they’ve got everything or have no interests. So here are a few gift suggestions for those sort of people.

Screaming Monkey Slingshot – $5.99

Screaming Monkey Slingshot

This monkey has a secret – there are pockets in the monkey’s hands. Slip your fingers in, pull back his hind legs, and his arms will stretch to a crazy length with the magic of rubber! You can just feel the potential energy coursing through the monkey’s imaginary veins. Let fly and you will be treated to a wondrous sight. The monkey will scream with delight when jolted. So, if the launch is hard enough, you’ll get a scream of power in mid air; or if the landing is hard, you’ll get a scream of protest as gravity does its work. Or, you fling like a master, you’ll get a double-dose of monkey justice (i.e. noise).

The Screaming Monkey Slingshot is available from Think Geeky for $5.99.


Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set – $22.99

Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set

Grab a set and grow your own collection of feared and famous carnivorous plants. This deluxe set has seeds from over ten varieties of carnivorous plants! Watch these fascinating plants grow into bug-eating monsters and delight in creating your own authentic bog with the included peat planting mix, blue Swamp Rocks, three Bog Buddies and full color decals. This rare and unusual collection of carnivorous plants will flourish for years in this specially designed terrarium with proper care…

The Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set is available from Think Geek for $22.99.


Digital Weather Station – $25+

Digital Weather Station

Gardeners, hikers, beach combers, farmers, sailors, skiers, daily commuters and anyone who needs to keep an eye on the weather and temperatures indoors and out will love this wireless weather station from La Crosse Technology. With 15 forecast icons, the station makes it easy to plan for that outdoor barbecue, beach outing, or ski day, helping you decide what to wear and when to schedule.

The Digital Weather Station is available from Amazon for $25+.



Toys Gift Guide

by Al

Whether you’re buying for a youngling or a 30 year old man child, I’m sure they’ll get a kick out of the following toy gift ideas.

Wild Planet Hyper Dash – $17.86

Wild Planet Hyper Dash

Hyper Dash is an award-winning fast-paced race course game from Wild Planet that encourages kids to be active and think on their feet. Designed to improve listening, coordination and math skills, this exciting game is easy to set up and is an ideal way to help kids aged six and above to practice addition and subtraction while exercising and having fun.

The Wild Planet Hyper Dash is available from Amazon for $17.86.


U-Dance – $30.99


Change your living room into a music-filled dance floor with Tiger Electronics’ U-Dance motion-based dance game. This high-energy dance game challenges kids ages 8 and over to follow fast-paced dance moves that are set to a variety of fun, upbeat songs. Whether they’re practicing in the Lounge, warming up in the Workout area, or struttin’ their stuff on the Dance Floor, this entertaining game will get the whole family moving!

The U-Dance is available from Amazon for $30.99.


Air Hogs Battling Havoc Heli – $39.99

Air Hogs Battling Havoc Heli

Indoor Battling Helicopter Set, comes with 2 helis and 2 controllers. Blast opponent with Infra Red Beams, sending them into a downward spiral!

Extreme 1 on 1 dogfight! Precision flight, extremely lightweight helis which fit right in the palm of your hand.

The Air Hogs Battling Havoc Heli is available from Amazon for $39.99.



Geeky Apparel Gifts

by Al

Bored of buying people a jumper for Christmas, check out our geeky apparel gift guide.

Propeller Beaniech – $4.99

Propeller Beaniech

Our interpretation of the classic Propeller Beanie features alternating patches of bright fabric topped with a silver propeller that spins as you walk (or run)

Warning: You may not get thanked for this gift.

The Propeller Beaniech is available from Amazon for $4.99.


There’s no place like – $9.99

There's no place like

Feeling homesick? Spend too much time in Oz fixing other people’s computer problems? Just close your eyes, click your heels, don this fine t-shirt and all your troubles will flow by the wayside just like those luser files piped into /dev/null.

Black high-quality heavyweight 100% cotton t-shirt with the phrase ‘There’s no place like’ written front and center in white.

The There’s no place like is available from Think Geek for $9.99.


8-bit Tie – $14.99

8-bit Tie

A few of us monkeys at ThinkGeek had this great shared dream a few months ago. In it, the whole world was 8-Bit, just like the video games we grew up on. We found ourselves having to leap from platform to platform, to search for pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom, and to fight scary mutated plants and animals. The music was awesome (and still stuck in our heads) but the coolest part was what we were wearing: a tie. But not just any tie, an 8-Bit tie!

The 8-bit Tie is available from Think Geek for $14.99.



Gadgety Stocking Filler Gift Ideas

by Al

Looking for a few stocking fillers, gadgets to the rescue!

Astronaut Chicken Space Dinnerl – $6.95

Astronaut Chicken Space Dinnerl

This Astronaut Chicken Space Dinner is a complete dehydrated meal and a great way to get those future astronauts to eat their peas. The dinner includes freeze-dried Chicken and Rice, Peas and Instant Chocolate Pudding. It’s easy to prepare and fun for kids, college students, busy adults, everyone! And, yes, the astronauts still eat this sort of stuff on the Space Shuttle and International Space Station.

The Astronaut Chicken Space Dinnerl is available from Amazon for $6.95.


Japanese Pill Towels – $7.99

Japanese Pill Towels

Each tube of Japanese Pill Towels contains 10 pills. Each pill is really a towel seed harvested in Japan. Just hold a pill under water and it blossoms into a multipurpose towel – perfect for cleaning your hands after each ninja or space mission. And if you want to be super clean, might we recommend also carrying some Dissolving Travel Toiletries (see related items below). Then you can make sure you are always as clean as your mind is. Ok, bad example.

The Japanese Pill Towels is available from Think Geek for $7.99.



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