Gifts for the Chef

by Al

Let’s face it, your family and friends cook, even if it’s just a little. The following gifts are sure to make good cooks great and bad cooks, well, better. Which can only be a good thing for everyone involved, especially if you’re ever invited to dinner.

Gifts for the Sophisticate

by Al

Every year you worry, because this person has everything. You long to be the one that gives the gift they’ve never heard of, but always wanted. I’m here to help you, imagine your joy when they ask you “What does it do?”

Gifts for the Bookworm

by Al

People that are well-read make the most interesting friends. Unless of course you don’t read at all, but then they’re probably not really your friends. There are tons of gifts for readers these days, here are some to get you started.

Sci-Fi Fan Gift Guide

by Al

If you like gadgets there’s a fair chance some of your friends like gadgets (geeze who doesn’t) and gadgets and sci-fi kinda go hand in hand, so welcome to our gift guide for the sci-fi nut!

Gifts for the Kid at Heart

by Al

You know this person, it might even be you. You’ll find stuff here that makes everyday just a little more fun. If you have to do it anyway you might as well enjoy it. Everyday fun stuff with a twist.

What Gadget Do You Most Want For Christmas???

by Al

We are currently completing our 2010 Christmas gift guides and there is some very cool stuff out there. However we could do with a little help finishing them off so if you could please leave a comment telling us which gadget or gadgets you would most like Santa to deliver that would be great (if we can we’ll try to negotiate a discount for Santa too 🙂 ).

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