16 Coolest Gifts for the Pet or Pet Lover

by Al

Pets rule! Well, at least in the minds of some. So much so they deserve their own gifts. In the case of the owners, they just can’t get enough of items that display their passion for their furry, fishy or reptilian friends. These gifts are perfect options for the animal or animal lovers in your life.

The Coolest Boring (but Sensible) Gift Guide

by Al

Not all gifts are sexy. Do you ever get a gift, think “that is random” and then end up using it to no end? Sensible gifts really do keep on giving for years to come. So why not give something you know they will use – despite its lack of pizzazz. 

16 Really Cool Gift Ideas for the Office Worker

by Al

Work gets dull. Having toys and gadgets at your desk tends to help the slow days go a little quicker. And hey, if it gets co-workers involved it can be considered team building! Add some character to the work life of the desk jockeys on your list.


Coolest Gifts for the Chef

by Al

Chef-ing is an art! The knowledge of food has powerful influence on our lives (and stomachs). Every kitchen master deserves the best gadgetry to perfect their art form. Choose from some of these handy devices to make the holiday season of the chef in your life.

Coolest Gifts for the Drink Connoisseur

by Al

Chin chin! ‘Tis the season to be jolly and cocktail it up. For the drink lovers in your world the gadgets abound. But these particularly cool finds will help you make for a merry holiday season for the drinker in your world.


Guides to Help You Gift This Holiday Season

by Alison


The holidays are here! How is your shopping going? That slow, eh? We here at Coolest Gadgets feel it our Gadget Duty to help you out. Keep an eye on the site this week as we launch our 2013 Gift Guides to help point you towards fun, funky and even frivolous gift ideas for those on your list. Enjoy and have a happy and gadget-filled holiday season.

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Valentine’s – Geek Style <3

by Alison

If geeks did Valentine’s – of course they do – here are some cool finds as to what might excite them about February 14th.

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