Podtime Sleeping Pods

They say that getting the adequate amount of sleep is highly important for everyone regardless of age, and I do agree whole-heartedly with that observation. After all, my performance at work tends to drop if I do not have a good night’s sleep before, so what are some of the options to clock in uninterrupted … Read more

Tentanic is super large!

I don’t know about you, but if someone were to approach me and tell me that a tent is going to cost me a whopping £7,500, I would just laugh their suggestion off, thinking of so many other ways to be able to better spend that kind of money. This particular tent known as Tentanic … Read more

TRAMP-It Jump Shoes

Want to literally put a spring in your step? That’s a snap to do, especially when you have the TRAMP-It Jump Shoes. This unique device will come in three different sizes, which are small, medium and large that will retail for £99.99, £109.99 and £119.99, respectively. They will give you unprecedented levels of speed and … Read more

Water Soaked Knee Hockey Rink

Have a backyard but not quite sure what to do with it? The Water Soaked Knee Hockey Rink will definitely fit the bill, since it offers you one-on-one fun (in a clean way) with your mate, letting the both of you square-off in a sliding, water-soaked game of knee hockey. Knee hockey – you read … Read more

The Coolest Festival Tent? The VW Camper Tent

If you’re attending any festivals this year this has got to the coolest canvas to camp out in, say hello to the VW Camper Van Tent. Officially licensed by Volkswagon the VW Camper Tent is a full size replica of the 1965 Camper Van. Available in yellow, red or blue, it is certain to stand … Read more

Lawn Mowing with your iPhone 101

In case you missed it, Husqvarna has been in the robot lawn mower business for quite a while now, we have been reporting on them for a few years already. Ahhh the pleasures of sitting in air conditioned comfort while the mower tackles your lawn all by itself. It appears that the newest update to … Read more

Wild Grass LED Lights

If you’re looking for something a little different as far as solar lights go you could pick up these Wild Grass Solar Garden Lights.  You can jam the stakes into the ground and make it appear as if you have random tufts of grass glowing in the dark.  If you have any extra gullible friends you could always convince them that the grass is a special variety that glows every single night.

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Suntracking Beach Chair

Since summer is in full swing for those who live in the northern hemisphere, you would definitely want to go out and have some fun under the sun, obtaining a tan in the process without sitting inside a tanning machine. Well, the Suntracking Beach Chair could be a healthy addition to your home’s lawn, since … Read more

Wunda Weeder lets you lazily garden

Gardening is not a comfortable task.  Sure you can get a foam pad to prevent rocks from digging into your knees, but you’re still crouched over in the dirt with the sun blazing down on you.  It’s definitely worth all of that effort thanks to the finished product, but sometimes it might be nice to make the experience a little more enjoyable.  Thankfully one Australian inventor has created a device that creeps along the garden and lets you be far more comfortable.

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