Plantable Wrapping Paper is the gift that keeps on giving

Eden's Paper
Every time there is a gift-giving event such as a holiday or birthday, there is one thing which there is excess of at the end. Wrapping paper from presents is all over the place, and it will likely be stuffed in the trash, and end up on a landfill somewhere. Thankfully this decomposes, but what if it in itself could be a present on top of whatever it’s hiding? Less trash and more present, sounds great, right?

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Sprout Pencils spring new life into a dead writing utensil

Sprout Pencils

It seems silly, but you can get attached to a writing implement over time. One pencil can become so familiar to you that you feel as though it is an extension of your arm in the same way a sword would be for a warrior. Those who opt to not use a mechanical pencil are faced with the inevitable task of having to throw away the tiniest nub of a pencil.

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Portable Tabletop Mosquito Repeller

Love spending most of your time outdoors rather than indoors? If that is the case, then chances are pretty high that you are used to being mosquito fodder, considering the kind of healthy blood that you carry. Well, you can never quite take your chances with mosquitoes as some of them do carry a potentially … Read more