Sprout Pencils spring new life into a dead writing utensil

Sprout Pencils

It seems silly, but you can get attached to a writing implement over time. One pencil can become so familiar to you that you feel as though it is an extension of your arm in the same way a sword would be for a warrior. Those who opt to not use a mechanical pencil are faced with the inevitable task of having to throw away the tiniest nub of a pencil.

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Portable Tabletop Mosquito Repeller

Love spending most of your time outdoors rather than indoors? If that is the case, then chances are pretty high that you are used to being mosquito fodder, considering the kind of healthy blood that you carry. Well, you can never quite take your chances with mosquitoes as some of them do carry a potentially … Read more

JawSaw Electric Chainsaw

There comes a time when a man’s got to do what he’s got to do, and this includes clearing up the yard around his home. After much nagging from his wife, of course, and if he were to want an easier life while doing all the backbreaking work, he can always fall back on the … Read more

Dr. Who Tardis Tent

Ah, to be young again, and to have numerous types of stuff to look forward to under the Christmas tree each year. Well, the Yuletide season might still be months away, but this is no excuse not to think of the future. After all, you can already start planning for the year end purchases, no? … Read more

Make Yourself a Green Thumb

True confession time. I am a killer. I kill plants. I try to grow them indoors and outdoors with the same results. Poor little green friends. It may be that they dry out (oops! Forgot the water!). They have come too close to the radiator too. And outdoor stuff seems to suffer a variety of deaths: lack of sun, weeds, neighborhood cat deposits. I really DO enjoy having plants around. But how to keep them alive?

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Dine On the Water – Literally

Water lovers everywhere, look no further for the ultimate place to entertain! Sure, boats are handy for wakeboarding or water skiing. But they are not real practical when it comes to entertaining. And if you have a lakeside place you dine outside to enjoy the views and weather. Hammacher Schlemmer says combine the two and … Read more

Sierra Designs has a tent from the future

Do you love camping? Well, if you have not given camping a go before in the past, you might want to consider taking your family out for a camping trip to the great outdoors while the summer season is still in vogue. Now, there are plenty of companies out there making tents, but here we are with Sierra Designs – a company that has just announced that they have released a spanking new tent for you and the rest of your pack to seek shelter from the elements while you enjoy nature’s bounty.

Sierra Designs’ latest addition will be part of the new line of ExoFusion fast-and-light tents, where it is called the new Mojo UFO. The name itself suggests that it is out of this world, and if you were to read on, I guess you can also come to the same epic conclusion that this tent is truly heads and shoulders above the rest. It is capable of housing two people for a good night’s rest inside, and even more amazingly, the entire shebang tips the scales at under 2 lbs. (0.9 kg), and can be pitched within minutes. I guess the drawback would be the price – as it is said to cost as much as a vacation for two, but think of it as a long term investment.

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