Garden Gadgets

If you enjoy spending time outside in the garden you’ll enjoy it even more if it’s full of gadgets. This section of CG is dedicated to gadgets that wouldn’t look out of place in any technology loving geeks outdoor room.

Buffet Food Warming Lamp

by Edwin – on October 25, 2010

For socialites who tend to host many parties throughout the year, surely a formal sit down dinner each time isn’t something that everyone looks forward to. There should be opportunities for you to throw a buffet, and when that happens, you would definitely need the Buffet Food Warming Lamp. Let’s face the facts – who here likes cold food anyways? This is the reason for its existence, as the food heat lamp can tilt 30º and adjust itself from 5″ to 15″ high to provide precise, direct heat which keeps buffet-style food at the optimal serving temperature. The lamp shade itself will lock into place at any angle right above a cutting board in order to keep prime rib hot , either that or it can be placed above a chafing dish so that you won’t need to go through the hassle of jellied alcohol candles. A restaurant-grade 250-watt infrared bulb can reach temperatures of 347º F, as it casts heat evenly onto food to eliminate hot or cold spots while keeping foodstuffs above 140º F, which is the same temperature restaurants use to keep food hot without sacrificing its moisture. The Buffet Food Warming Lamp comes in durable stainless steel and will set you back by $149.95.

TriPot I Self Watering Planter

by Ally – on October 8, 2010

It seems like companies are always trying to come up with ways for you to ignore your plants a little more.  However, a lot of the self watering mechanisms are far from stylish.  Thankfully, Greenamic has come up with an attractive planter that is also capable of watering plants.  It’s the ultimate solution for those of you that tend to forget to water those green plants a little too often.

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Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit

by Edwin – on October 4, 2010

“I’m a firestarter, twisted firestarter!” Who could ever forget the lyrics to that song by The Prodigy? Well, the closet pyromaniac in you might find this brightly colored Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit to be worth a purchase, since we all know that you can’t blow a Zippo out, not to mention it being a whole lot more reliable to light up camp fires instead of using old school firestarters. You need not suffer from cold and damp conditions any more since the Zippo Fire Starter Kit will come with waxed tinder sticks. At £19.95, the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit is the fuss-free method to light fires, being not only quick but reliable to make it an essential outdoor camping tool. All you need would be to pull out a waxed tinder stick, fray the edges and follow it up with the flint-wheel. All tinder sticks are lovingly kept within the waterproof orange case so that everything will remain dry, no matter how torrential the rain outside is.

Emerson’s Indoor and Outdoor Bug Zapper

by Ally – on October 1, 2010

All summer long I’ve had the company of moths and other flying insects inside of my home thanks to the design of my screens.  It’s a rental, so you just sort of deal with it by keeping a fly swatter handy.  I’d joked many times that we needed an indoor/outdoor bug zapper, thinking no one would ever create such a thing.  Well apparently one does exist.

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Lawnmower is world’s fastest, zips by at 96MPH

by Edwin – on October 1, 2010

You know that you are in for a torrid time when your lawnmower can go a whole lot faster than your motorbike. After all, Bobby Cleveland’s crazy idea of kitting out his lawnmower has become reality, where it will go about (on even ground, obviously) at a whopping 96MPH, making it the fastest lawnmower in the world, hands down. Talk about trying to get the chores done quickly! Hopefully at that kind of insane speeds, you won’t run into a stone while riding on it, or cut off several toes and mole heads in the process without realizing so. For those who would like to have one of these puppies at home, chances are you will need to have a lawn that is the same size as that of a football field just to get it up to speed.

Source: DVice

Three Point Detecting Basketball Shootout

by Edwin – on September 21, 2010

Love shooting some hoops? You won’t go wrong then with the Three Point Detecting Basketball Shootout, where it will be able to make the right calls, knowing whether you’ve shot a three pointer or not. This unique basketball shooting game can do so thanks to a pressure-sensitive mat which is capable of detecting whether competitors have shot from two- or three-point range, while adding to the corresponding total without any room for human error. This will make the game a whole lot cleaner, but it does take away the human element of tension when wrong calls are made, opening the door to disputes and debates many years down the road. You can choose to compete head-to-head or against the clock depending on which area you would like to improve. Features include a sturdy tubular steel frame, an electronic scoreboard, and the all-important countdown clock. You can bring home this unique sporting equipment for $149.95 from Hammacher.

Inbrela Collapsible Umbrella

by Edwin – on September 5, 2010

For those of you who happen to stay in an area where there is plenty of rain throughout the year, it goes without saying that you ought to always have an umbrella handy somewhere – in your car, at the office and at home. Just in case, you know. With global warming happening, the weather sure gets crazy this time around. Unfortunately, wet umbrellas can be a pain to store especially when indoors, which is why the Inbrela Collapsible Umbrella could come in handy. This umbrella will be able to fold into the tube itself – making your car stay nice and dry, while making it a snap to get in and out of cars with but a simply push. When pushed open, the Inbrela will pop out of its tube and opens away from your face. Pull it back into the tube to close for dry surroundings. Don’t worry about its sturdiness – it is made out of flexible aluminum ribs that will not snap even in the wind. The Inbrela Collapsible Umbrella will retail for $29.99 each.

Exped DreamWalker 450 Sleeping Bag

by Edwin – on August 27, 2010

Are you one who loves the great outdoors, and go on camping trips frequently? You might be interested in the Exped DreamWalker 450 Sleeping Bag then, considering this boasts a design that is unlike any other. You get a unique sleeping back pattern which can be converted into a downcoat when the situation calls for it. Not only that, it will feature a temperature rating of 1 C or 35 F, so near freezing spots should still be OK for you to take a night’s rest without freezing to death. The inclusion of a tuck-stitch design with bar-tacking at stress points ensure you will end up with a reasonably good quality product which ought to see you through many years of camping trips before it starts to wear out. Depending on the size, you will have to fork out anywhere from $264.16 to $300.00 for this ideal coat which targets activities including bird watching, cooking or sitting around camp.