Mobile Luggage Desk keeps working travelers on a roll

Rolling Luggage Cart and Desk

Let’s face it, laptops aren’t really laptops. They’re portable computers. And when travelers are forced to work while waiting for their flights, doing so while keeping track of luggage, cellphones, and other travel necessities can’t make for quite the juggling act.

Well, our friends at Hammacher Schlemmer have the answer in a rolling luggage cart – which creates a more stable work platform than your lap. Forget about having to juggle your laptop, cellphone, and even iPod when you shift your weight in those uncomfortable air terminal seats. The Rolling Luggage Cart and Desk provides a sturdy place to work or even enjoy a movie, rather than having to balance everything on your knees.

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Toshiba Tablet PC review (and what’s good to load on a new machine)

toshiba lappy tabletSo as mentioned, I’ ordered and received my Toshiba Tablet PC,

well it’s here! I want to be careful of what I load so it stays light, mean and useful.

Its loaded with a CD-R/DVD, loads of RAM and power, built in thumb print scanner and SD card reader. Best of all, a wonderful stylus that allows me to draw on the screen. It just rocks.

The thumb print scanner seemed useless, until I realized that my ridiculously long password is a thing of the past, I just need to swipe my finger,, I’m starting to like that convenience.

As for the stylus control, it could be a tad tighter, but it’s still miles better than even the best Wacom pad (trust me, I’ve been using them for years!)

The SD card reader being built in is just great, it’s already saved me from having to go home with loaded cards, I just blast em in there and keep taking pictures!

Here is the software I’ve loaded so far (you have to keep reading).

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Trust Silverline 751b Surround Headphones Review

Here’s contest entry #6, a very indepth review of the Trust Silverline 751b Surround headphones, thanks Andy.


This isn’t that much of a review of a cool gadget, nor does it describe a novel device or something that hasn’t been reviewed before. It’s more of an awareness riser, which at some point might even seem to be an advertisement, as the product is incredible.

A few months ago I went out, looking for a 5.1 headset. I entered a shop and had two choices: the Trust ones and some USB phones from TEAC. I have used USB 5.1 headsets before, and was pretty disappointed: always that wait time when plugging in, a big CPU hog, always had to change application settings to use the new audio device… far too much hassle for my lazy self.

At first I couldn’t decide, because I didn’t know the manufacturer and it sounded like just another cheap Chinese craplastic product. But then, the price, the fact it wasn’t another crappy usb device and the design convinced me, so I paid the 35 euros and went home.

What I found in the box:

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Beer Belly Review

Beer Belly package Russell Belly Pose

We reported on the cool beer belly product earlier in the year. Thanks to the good guys who make the beer belly we can now follow up on that report with an unbiased (though at times maybe intoxicated) review.

As I have a natural beer belly I enlisted my mate Russell (Software engineer by day, beer belly model by night) to do the photo shoot and product testing (Russell will do just about anything for free Stella Artois).

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Aquapac MP3 case

Aquapac are a company who make … umm… plastic bags? Well yes, but these are not your ordinary bag. Aquapac cases are designed to protect your fragile consumer electronics from water (hence the name). If you’re a regular visitor to the beach you’ll appreciate that water and sand can really make a mess of your gadgets! These guys make a range of waterproof bags to cater for different appliances (including phones, cameras and PDA’s) but the one I’m looking at today is the new MP3 player case.

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Bazooka Foam Gun

Bazooka Foam Gun
I’m pleased, or maybe a little embarrassed, to admit that that I’ve tried out this gadget, and it really is a lot of fun! The Bazooka Foam Gun is a stronger and more powerful version of foam shooting guns which is a whole lot of fun and even hurts a little bit unlike its pathetic alternatives!

A couple of weeks ago my friends and I were bored, so of course we went to hang out in the toys department of Walmart like any other bored person would do, (right?). One of my friends had some money so we were bugging him to buy us some toy guns and we convinced him to get us each a cool toy gun. We got 2 cap guns, a Nerf dart gun and the Bazooka Foam Gun.

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Habits of a Gadget Blogger

Problogger Darren Rowse is doing a feature called Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers, I certainly don’t class myself as a highly effective blogger but as I tend to post here a fair few times a day I guess that still makes me a blogger. So here are my opinions on what makes an effective blogger … Read more

Review of the Swissbit, S.Beat 1Gb MP3 Player

Swissbit S.BeatOne of the cool things about running a gadget site is we always have tax deductible excuse to buy stuff and one of the even cooler things is we often get sent stuff to play with review for free. When parcels turn up I always seem to have friends who were never interested in writing before but are now more than willing to be a reviewer, so thanks go to Mark for his totally unbiased review of the S.Beat 1Gb MP3 Player (and yes you can keep it ;)).

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