Guinness Surger Review

We reported on the Guinness Surger last week and since then have had a chance to put it to the test (on multiple occasions :)). It also gave us the opportunity to buy beer on expenses which is always cool. So read our totally unbiased though alcohol induced review :).

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RearView – Spy Glasses

The first gadget that every true spy should have, are the glasses like the ones in the image. Why so? Because they have a small mirror in both lenses that lets you see what’s happening in your back. You will probably feel like a movie hero with these glasses, and that’s something we always want.

Here are a couple of situations in which the Rear View Glasses would be useful:

  • Imagine yourself walking around at night in a dark lonely street and you got the feeling someone is chasing you. The element of surprise is in your side since you can check your back and see if someone is really following you. If this happens you have more time to make your move, so decide: either start running, call the cops, or take the gun out of your pocket.
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250 Dollar Flash Light

Known as a Tactical Illumination Tool (or TIT for short :)) the Gladius is one mean flashlight. As it costs $250 you should bloody well hope so.

If like me you’re thinking why would I want to spend 250 bucks on a torch (I was actually thinking 200 quid but that’s splitting hairs) then you’d better

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Digital Camera Lighter

Are you into spy gear? This digital camera lighter is a must have for all spies and sleuths. No matter where you are you will be able to whip out your lighter (HeHe) and take a quick pic of that pretty girl on the beach, your best friends girl kissing another guy, or maybe what your professor is doing in the classroom.

It looks just like a regular Zippo lighter when closed, but it is in fact a cool digital camera. Just flip up the lid as if you were going to light a cigarette, then press a button, and wham you have that photo.

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CG Review: Logitech / Harmony 885 remote control

The most common reaction I get when I tell people I’ve invested in a programmable remote control is laughter. “Why?” they ask. Then again, most people don’t have a stack of electronic components 4 feet high to control.

Even so, the problem is more common than you might imagine. Think about this: You have a CD player, a DVD player, a TV, a cable box, a stereo and a recording device (DVD recorder, PVR, video, whatever). Sometimes you’ve got all of these things and more. You could even have remote controlled blinds and lights if you’re really into home cinema. That makes for a lot of remote controls!

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Voice Stress Analyzer used as a Truth Detector

Do you ever wonder if your husband is really working late, if the kids really finished their homework, or if your wife is really helping a sick friend? If so, then the Voice Stress Analyzer will give you the answered you are seeking.

The voice stress analyzer can determine is the person talking is telling the truth, it analyzes the stress level changes in the voice and can work either in person or on a televised or recorded voice. This is great if you can only record their voice over the telephone or if their message is left on your answering machine.

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