46 Cool & Best Gadgets For Men [2019]

We gathered a comprehensive list of the coolest and best gadgets for men. It covers everything from Bluetooth trackers to 360 cameras and we are sure that you’ll find something on it you really want to buy.

Card Lok all-in-one phone wallet

Let us face the facts: just about everyone owns a smartphone today, making it more or less an indispensable tool regardless of whether you are a youth or an adult. The smartphone too, has its fair share of accessories that make life more convenient and interesting. Some smartphone cases offer nothing but just protection, but … Read more

Tail It GPS trackers help you avoid misplaced items

Tail_itWe live in an extremely busy world these days, which makes it far more difficult to keep track of items and other events on the calendar. With so many different aspects of life to juggle, it can become overwhelming at times. Can you remember the last time you misplaced your wallet or smartphone, only to realize that it was left in the freezer or underneath the sofa? Those heart-in-your-mouth moments are definitely not something anyone would like to experience on a daily basis, which is why Tail It decided to come up with its range of four small, modestly priced GPS trackers that can be applied to virtually any item that has the possibility of being lost or stolen.

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FoxFury reveals drone mount solutions for Rugo Light

RUGO_MOUNTWhen it comes to drones, there are many different kinds of available models for one to choose from, including the budget oriented ones all the way to high end models that would cost far more than a second hand car. Apart from that, not all drones would take off to the air in a split second, others are used to explore the underwater realm. However, for drones that take flight, FoxFury Lighting Solutions has something special that will enable its Rugo light to be used as a drone mounted lighting solution. The mounts are made available for DJI Inspire 1 and 2, DJI Phantom 4 and 4 Pro, along with the Yuneec Typhoon H and H520 drone models, now how about that for versatility?

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AEE Selfly drone is the first smartphone case of its kind

aee-selflyCapturing selfies does not seem to be a trend that is dying out anytime soon, and people are finding more and more creative methods of shooting such portraits for posterity from crazy angles. The introduction of the selfie stick has certainly made life easier, but what if you were able to surpass all of your best selfie shots in the past? The AEE Selfly is one such idea, where it is actually a smartphone case that carries a drone! Think of Soundwave and his cassette tape Transformers, and you get the idea.

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Musio the AI social robot

musioModern day technology has seen the path of new toys being transformed into highly interactive robots, although one of my fondest memories of such a toy robot would be the Sony Aibo. The Aibo was an adorable dog robot, but it surely had its limitations, not to mention ridiculous price tag that put it out of reach of many. Here is an AI social robot known as Musio, which is extremely cute to look at thanks to its Japanese design roots. What is more important is the fact that Musio is a robot friend that takes the time and effort to understand and remember conversations through all the various interaction with different users — which is more than what I can vouch for when communicating with certain humans.

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DJI’s Mavic Pro Drone gets new accessories

propeller-guardDJI has a slew of new products that will make your drone flying sessions a whole lot more fun and interesting, and just like how a smartphone has its fair share of accessories that makes the talking experience a more enhanced one, so too, will these accessories help your drone flying capabilities and experience be better than ever before. A slew of new accessories for the foldable and compact Mavic Pro drone has been revealed for a safer and more convenient way to get it up and running.

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Zerotech introduces Dobby Pocket Drone to the US

dobby-pocket-droneEarlier this August, we did talk about how Zerotech has unveiled the world’s smallest pocket drone that shoots selfies, which is known as the Dobby Pocket Drone. Well, we are glad to say that this particular pocket drone has now made its way over to the US as well as Canada, and with its ground-breaking features stuffed into its relatively diminutive form factor, you can be sure that the Dobby Pocket Drone would certainly be high on the wish lists of many as a present this holiday season.

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Tapia robot claims to understand how you are feeling

tapiaCan robots eventually end up as our mates one day? Who knows, and that is one particular topic that has been approached many times in science fiction endeavors, be it in print or on the silver screen. Until that fateful day arrives, however, plenty of work needs to be done — including making sure that robots of today are able to figure out human emotions. Now that is certainly a big ask by any measure, taking into consideration how men and women have not completely understood each other until today, so what more a robot? Never mind that, as Tapia the robot has adopted Smartmedical’s Empath, a vocal emotion recognition technology that is used in a range of business fields such as mental health, call centers, and entertainment, allowing to a certain degree, Tapia to be able to understand human emotion via dialogue with users — including joy, calm, sorrow, anger, and vigor.

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