This Prank Shocking Pen makes sure no one will ask for your stuff again

Prank Shocking Pen

When you’ve established that you’re the kind and caring person who would give the clothes off your back if someone asked, people start taking advantage of that kindness. Should the unlikely situation happen that your coworker or classmate keeps taking your writing implements, there are ways to deal with their terrible behavior. No one really likes pranks, and it shouldn’t be an eye for an eye, but that won’t stop anyone from giving it a go.

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The Emoji-to English Dictionary Review

emoji-to-english-1Communication is a two way street, and you can be sure that humanity has not come this far without learning how to communicate with one another, and to do so in an effective manner. Having said that, I am quite sure that many of us have heard of the saying that a picture speaks a thousand words, so in order to get the message across in this word-starved age in an efficient manner as possible would be to make use of pictorial images, and the modern parlance would be emojis. Emojis is a Japanese creation, just like all things cute and practical, but what happens when you are out of the loop and have yet to figure out all those messages left on your family’s WhatsApp group channel with emojis being thrown left and right? A lifeline can be found in the $12.99 The Emoji-to-English Dictionary: Your Text-Message Translation Guide.

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Activist Sends The Interview DVDs Via Balloon To North Korea

interview-balloonSony’s The Interview might not be the kind of movie that will break box office records, but then again, it received a fair amount of attention because of the hack to Sony’s systems. Having said that, a South Korean activist claims that he has already flown thousands of copies of the highly controversial Sony film, The Interview, over the North Korean border through the use of balloons.

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This Birthday Card is the best kind of prank

Happy Birthdat Forever

There is a pretty noticeable difference between a good prank and a mean prank. Seeing that April 1st isn’t too far in distant memory at this point, you’ve all likely heard or seen stories of people being ridiculed or injured as a result of a seemingly harmless prank that ended poorly. The general rule of thumb is if you’re the only person laughing after the prank has played out, it’s not really a prank, and you’re a jerk.

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Talking Toilet Paper Spindle – Get’s you Rolling


They say that laughter is the best medicine and I guess I would have to agree. Around here some of our best days have nothing to do with big, heavily planned events, but more about the laughter we have shared over something silly. This being said, I’m constantly on the lookout for small items that can add to to my arsenal of pranks and practical jokes…

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Crib Dribbler – for the Truly Perfect Present

We all know how hard finding the perfect gift can be, I’m always on the lookout for the item that will wow the crowd, and of course the recipient. It gets more difficult as we get older, probably because we lose our lust for toys, and the mundane stuff we’re left with in terms of “grown-up” presents… well, they’re just not that much fun to give.

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3D Play-Doh Printer – Modeling Magic?

We all remember Play-Doh, and the nifty little plastic Play-Doh fun factories that let you extrude spaghetti-like worms or star shaped snakes. I could sit for hours and play, reveling in the smell, the texture. My mom never allowed me to mix the colors though, (because I would ruin the dough) somehow this seriously stifled my creativity well into in adulthood, but thats another story, probably better told in another venue.

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