QWERTY Premium Leather Wallet

by Edwin

Most of us would think that the only device that has a QWERTY keyboard imprinted on it comes in the form of a smartphone, but ThinkGeek has something different this time around to tease you. We’re talking about the QWERTY Premium Leather Wallet, and you can tell by its name that “investing” $39.99 in it would make you own one of the geekiest money holding equipment in the market! This …

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Dalek replica might be an expensive army to assemble

by Edwin

Dr. Who fans, heads up! Ever wondered how it would feel like to have an army of Daleks at your beck and call, annihilating anyone and everyone who gets in your way? Well, they say that money is not everything, but having more than enough of it is certainly something nice to have! What happens if we told you that it is now possible to own a slew of Dalek …

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Segway Rally Experience for Two

by Edwin

Have you ever gotten on a Segway before? The feeling is totally something else for first timers, and that is a given. Well, for those who want to experience a Segway and more can always fork out £39.50 for the “Segway Rally Experience for Two” from Firebox. This special offer might just be the perfect gift for your dad and you, or perhaps for you and your partner, letting you …

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Photosynthesis UV-Sensitive Shirt

by Edwin

When you were back in school, surely one of the more impressionable science topics that you could remember would be the entire process of photosynthesis, where it is a process for plants to consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere during the day (whenever there is sunlight, that is). If you want to remind the adult populace of this particular process, then what better way to do it …

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Batman Money Clip

by Edwin

Batman, or Bruce Wayne rather, ought to know a thing or two about wealth creation and preservation – after all, he is a business tycoon during the night and a masked vigilante at night (or in the mornings if the need arises). Why not hand over something as important as your wealth (a portion of it anyways) to him? This is where the Batman Money Clip comes in handy – …

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The Lumen Lamp – Stands Out in the Shadows

by Julie

  We are constantly invited to parties, no, I’m not singing the praises of my sparkling personality, in fact, I’m quite sure the only reason we get invited anywhere, is because of my husband. He’s a people person, the one everyone remembers long after they meet. Me, not so much, but behind the scenes, I’m actually the one who is the most thoughtful, trying to find the perfect gift, the …

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Dr. Freuds Therapy Ball – “Go to Your Happy Place”

by Julie

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that I’m not quite right. Anyone that actually knows me, can certainly substantiate in a million ways just how, let’s call it “different” I am from say… oh, the rest of all mankind. That being said, they are my friends, and like me, because of, or maybe in spite of, whatever it is that my parents did to me as a child. Don’t get …

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Heat Changing Love Mug

by Edwin

Heat up those tender moments in your life with the Heat Changing Love Mug, where it comes dots with plenty of small hearts that aren’t too clear to look at at first glance, but upon making your spouse’s favorite hot beverage, the heat from within will have a message made up to the mentioned tiny hearts appear as though by magic – saying the three words that will be extremely …

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