MessagesWithGifts – Almost as Good as BeingThere

I always find a bit of a disconnect when I send gifts directly to a recipient from a website. The same kind of feeling I get when I choose to give a gift card, for whatever reason, either act seems to impart a feeling of uncaring, like I didn’t take the time to think of the person, and just haphazardly took the quick and easy way out. (even if I didn’t) It would be nice if you could send a gift with a more personal touch, you know, to let those you care about really know how much they mean to you, but somehow a generic brown box doesn’t quite cut it.
There’s now a service called MessagesWithGifts, a San Francisco based new business start-up, that is offering retailers’ the ability to give their gift-buyers the option of  recording a voice or video message with each and every purchase. Directions on how to access the message, including a personalized pin number, go with each gift to the intended recipient. So when the gift and the message arrive together, its almost as good as you being there to say I’m thinking about you.

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Custom Ice Cream – How 'Cool' is That?


I’m sure we are all aware that Fathers Day is looming on the horizon, I’ve started my search for the perfect gift and I may have come up with something a bit better than the requisite tie or cologne that Dad usually gets, its different thats for sure…
How about this year, we design, personalize, and send Dad his very own ice cream, Sorbetto or Gelato? eCreamery is offering just such an opportunity and with 50 deliciously different flavors and around 40 different mix-ins I think it sounds like a perfect solution to the age old problem of just what to get Dad.

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BumpyPhoto – For Pictures that Jump Out at You, Literally!

It seems like the plain old photograph has lost a tremendous amount of popularity. While there are still some of us that relish putting together a beautiful photo album, it seems like most of us just keep our prints on our hard drives, or we’ll even go the extra step and save them to a disc. We always promise we will pick out the very best ones and have prints made, but we never do.
Check out, if anything will make you want to  spend sometime gathering together some of your best shots, this might be just the thing. BumpyPhoto turns your favorite photos  into three-dimensional works of art. Made out of a super hard resin composite, this bas-relief or cameo style artwork is colored according to your photograph and finished with a layer of matte varnish.

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Striiv – For Yourself and for Charity

How many of us love to exercise? I know its the best thing for me, and I promise myself every year that I am going to do my best to be more active, but I cant say I’m doing everything I can to keep myself healthy, or to ensure that I’ll be around for a good long time. What if there was something that could motivate me to stay fit, and help others at the same time?
Check out Striiv, a personal trainer that fits in the palm of your hand. Designed to get you up and moving, Striiv uses walkathon type contests and challenges to get you in your best shape ever, but that’s not all, based on your logged movement, Striiv donates to a charity in your name. There’s nothing like helping others to get you going. The more you walk, the more you give, at no cost to you!

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For Valentine’s Day Give the Gift of Conception…


Okay, so we’ve reported on GIANTmicrobes before, I’m sure you remember the humorously educational stuffed toys modeled on electron micrographs, then enlarged a million times it’s actual size. Each plush including it’s micrograph image and all the info about the microbe it represents. The collection is still growing, with nearly 100 microbes in the series including the Common Cold, Brain Cells, Kissing Disease, Ebola, Bed Bugs and more. I mean, is there anyone among us that doesnt know someone that can use an extra brain cell? and how about the person that always complains that you gave them a cold? Well, really do it this time!

Anyway, GIANTmicrobes has a brand new Valentines day line up you probably don’t want to miss, starting with the sure to be popular, Sperm & Egg Panorama Gift Boxes, each of these 3 sets includes one GIANTmicrobes Egg Cell plush and one GIANTmicrobes mini Sperm Cell plush that attach by way of magnets, showcased in one of 3 very romantic scenes, or perhaps a Kissing Disease plush is more your style, as she blows kisses when you touch her lips and says “I love you” in five languages… Or for those of you who miss all the warm and fuzzy feelings some get from Valentines day, there’s always the Heart Burned collection, a lovely boxed set that includes, Herpes, Chlamydia, Pox, HPV and thankfully, Penicillin.

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