MechaniCard Kinetic Sculptures brings art to life

by Caitlyn

We’re always looking to do things as cheaply as possible. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some disposable income laying around to throw at something frivolous. When it comes to things like decorations for our home, some will go a hobby store and pick up a mass-produced print of a famous painting to proudly hang it above their couch. It’s cheap, easy to find, and recognizable. That sort of thing …

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Crib Dribbler – for the Truly Perfect Present

by Julie

We all know how hard finding the perfect gift can be, I’m always on the lookout for the item that will wow the crowd, and of course the recipient. It gets more difficult as we get older, probably because we lose our lust for toys, and the mundane stuff we’re left with in terms of “grown-up” presents… well, they’re just not that much fun to give.

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Light Your Stroller’s Way

by Alison

For anyone who has taken a stroller out at night you will attest to the challenges. First of all get baby or child in and bundled up. Then play defense as you walk and attempt to determine if drivers or pedestrians can see you coming. Alerting others to your location certainly helps avoid disasters.

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Last Minute Gift Ideas!

by Alison

If you thought the world was ending today and opted to not do your Christmas shopping, I’m sorry to report that you are out of luck. Have you waited until the last minute for gifts? Or maybe you just need that one more thing. We get it. If all of us were as organized as we want to be the world would be a boring place. So don’t let the …

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Gifts for Darth

by Alison

Everyone needs love this holiday season, including your favorite villain, Darth Vader. Darth gets a little down this time of the year. With neither kid really wanting to spend time with him the best he can do is open his gifts, recede into his meditation chamber and give the mask a rest. I am sure he gets lonely, what with only a couple thousand clones to keep him company. If …

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HOT GIFT ALERT: Motorized Monocycle

by Alison

You, the user, continue to let us know what gifts are good. Interest on the gift picker has put the Motorized Monocycle at the top of the often browsed (not often purchased) category over $1000. After all, nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a $13,000 25mph vehicle! OK, maybe it is not for everyone. But whether your gift budget is 5-figure or much less let the Coolest Gadgets Gift Picker to …

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HOT KIDS GIFT ALERT: Electric Guitar Shirt

by Alison

Thanks to your use of the CG Gift Picker we are happy to report that a top seller in the kids and teen ages is the Boys Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt at Think Geek. No skills required. Each button on the neck is a major chord. Simply pick your chord and strum away! And no, there’s nothing ‘canned’ about this instrument. The owner makes  their own sounds – whether good or …

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You’ve Got the Gift List…We’ve Got the Gadgets

by Alison

Here at Coolest Gadgets it is our ongoing quest to find the latest and greatest for you to enjoy. We also want to be of help during the holidays. Whether seeking ideas for yourself or gifts for others remember these gadget-filled resources this holiday season: 1) Coolest Gadgets Gift Picker: You tell us your budget and a little about the recipient and we will present you with a variety of …

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