Prime: The Gift that Gives Through the Year…and is Easy to Buy!


This holiday shopping stuff can get mentally exhausting. First you have to come up with creative ideas that really show how much you care, a real brain strain in some cases. Then you have to find it somewhere, and get it shipped in time. Is your shopping creativity waning? Is your brain maxed out on ideas for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list? We have the perfect solution that will show you care and keep giving for the next 12 months.

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Zoku Ice Sphere Molds – For Cocktail Perfection


If you’re looking for the perfect little hostess gift this holiday season, or if you’d just like to pick yourself up an awesome little gadget that will change the quality of your Christmas party cocktails forever, then I’ve got the thing for you. Check out Roku’s Ice Sphere Molds, easy to use, cool little ice molds that produce a clear, spherical ice that actually keeps your drinks colder, longer, and with much less dilution than your regular, run of the mill ice cubes.

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Intoxicase – iPhone Protection, Bottle Opener and Beer Counter in One


I keep scouring the Internet for some unique little presents for a few friends that just hand out gag gifts. You know the ones, you’ve been friends forever, but you never did do the traditional gift exchange. I have to say that people expect a little bit more from me, with the whole coolest gadgets thing. I think I found a winner this year.

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Swivl – Your Own Personal Cameraman


There are plenty of occasions where you might want to get a video of yourself. Whether it be a teacher recording a lecture. An aspiring singer that wants to “see” their own performance. Some kids practicing school presentations. A couple wanting to dabble in making a… well, you get the idea. Recording yourself can be awkward at best, and sometimes there simply isn’t anyone around to capture the action for you.

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Mattel’s Keepsake Box – Keeps Treasures Hidden


I remember being a kid and having a little wooden cigar box in which to keep all my treasures. I would have given anything if that little box could have locked. There was something magical about being able to keep your secrets safe. I still have a little memento box, and I think they could be cute gifts for any little girl.

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