Pac-Man watch celebrates your favorite chomper

pac_man_pellet_watchNow here is something that I would have wanted back in fourth grade: a Pac-Man watch. Granted, it’s not as cool as a Mickey Mouse Watch, but that’s only because Pac-Man didn’t have any hands.

When I first saw this watch, I thought that what I was seeing was a watch with a display screen. In other words, I saw this and thought: “Cool! A watch where Pac-man roams around the edge and eternally chases a cherry and purple ghost.”

In all honesty, I don’t think that is what it is. It would appear that the hands are not digital, and the Pac-man is described as “an invisible second hand”. Too bad, because the LCD display watch with Pac-Man would have been cool.

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Pro-Health system for your teeth


Procter & Gamble Oral Care recently made known to consumers on another method they can take in order to keep their mouths healthy and happy this coming holiday season by unveiling the new Crest Pro-Health system. Sounds like a glorified toothbrush, eh? Well, the Crest Pro-Helath system is a 3-step oral hygiene regimen which will basically result in consumers who are virtually free from plaque regardless of the types of decadent foods and festive over-indulgences that are bound to come your way this holiday season. Sounds like a magical cure all, and everyone won’t mind talking to someone with a pleasant breath, right? Especially if you’re single and hope to kiss the girl of your dreams under a mistletoe…

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