Thanks to the WikiReader, I am the smartest person in the room.

ars_wikireader_arsI got a chance to try out the Wikireader that we reported on earlier, and I will have to say that I am now the know-it-all. I’ve become like Cliff Claven from Cheers, who seems to know all the useless facts in the universe, and comes off as amazingly annoying.

The Wikireader by Openmoko is a device with a tiny black-and-white screen that uses 2 AAA batteries that are included. It requires no internet connection as all the 3 million entries are inside.

There are no illustrations, and the touchscreen allows for scrolling. Scrolling up and down creates a blurry effect that makes it easy to lose your place. Find out after the jump how Cyber Monday got its name.

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Talking Luggage Locator lets you know where your bags are

luggage_locatorOf course, no one likes to be at the airport after an 8 hour flight and wait for their luggage to come down the carousel. Imagine if you had a remote that you could just hit, and it would say something like “Hey! I’m over here!”

Surely this was the mission of the Talking Luggage Locator, because that is exactly what it is. It works by attaching a baggage tag with 6 flashing LEDs. In all honesty, the flashing LEDs would be enough to get my attention, and I would probably find it right away.

It helps to have a remote that works from 45 feet away so my own voice can say something else like: “Yo! You gonna grab me?” You can just imagine the cacophony in the baggage claim if every passenger had one of these.

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Eneloop kairo hand warmers

eneloop-kairoBy now, chances are most of you out there have already heard about Sanyo’s Eneloop batteries – those super durable rechargeable batteries that can work right out of the box, and are full well capable of retaining a charge of up to 85% even after a year in storage. Capable of being recharged up to a thousand times without losing any of its potency, Eneloops have fast become a popular choice for those who use devices that require AA, AAA, C and D batteries (thanks to the use of battery adapters), especially for digital cameras and remote control toys. Well, we have yet another device from the Sanyo Eneloop stable this time round known as the Eneloop Kairo – a portable rechargeable hand warmer. This sleek and stylish hand warmer arrives in the US market just in time for the bitter winter (in some states anyways), featuring an egg-style, one-sided design. Also known by its model number KIR-SE1S, you can choose from white or pink colors for the one-sided warmer, while those who prefer a double sided Eneloop Kairo (KIR-SL2S) can choose from silver or pink colors. Looks like you more or less have yet another candidate for a gift idea this Christmas, eh?

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