Smart PJs – Pajamas that Tell a Story


Kids grow up so fast. I’ve been astounded lately at just how quickly my little girl has become too grown up for all kinds of kid-stuff. We can’t watch Dora anymore, or Little Bear, she’s moved on, and even enjoys a little non-fiction entertainment now and again, and of course her beloved Cake Boss. What could get her interested in a good cuddle and a bedtime story?

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Zensorium unveils Tinké

tinkeNow here is a device with a name that I would personally say does not fall within the “normal” boundaries of naming conventions, where Zensorium has called it the Tinké. It does have a fairytale ring to it, does it not? Well, the Tinké will now come with an integrated Lightning connector for iOS devices, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for iOS device owners. Wait a minute, I have yet to describe just what the heck the Tinké is, right? All apologies – the Tinké would target those who are concerned about their health, where it relies on optical sensing technologies in order to capture blood volume changes as well as quantifying your fitness and relaxation levels into indexes to make it a snap to compare.

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I’m a bit of a computer nut, and I love tinkering with new hardware. It’s fun to get a new piece of equipment in, and see just how much of a difference it makes on your system. It’s also a lot of fun to see how far you can push it. If you want to maximize your performance, you can do something called overclocking, which makes the processor run faster than it was originally meant to. This is especially helpful when you want an older machine to still perform like new. Now if only we could do the same thing for our brains.

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This Batman Belt Buckle will blast out your theme song, everywhere you go

I think it’s pretty safe to say that when most kids were young, they had dreams of being a super hero. Heck, some of us adults still wish we could be one, though by now we’ve come to realize that there are far too many reasons why you can’t. (Radiation doesn’t work that way, kids.) However, if you’ve got a kid of your own, remember that for them, all it takes is the right costume to make them feel like they can take on even the baddest of supervillains.

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Sat Nav Shoes look set to rock

Trust us on this – a shoe is not just an ordinary piece of walking equipment that you wear so that you won’t end up with blisters at the end of the day after following your other half through endless miles of shopping malls. Not when your feet are treated to the wonders of the Sat Nav Shoes. Not only does each pair help you walk around comfortably without causing potential health problems, they also feature GPS technology that help guide you from postcode to postcode, making us wonder whether postmen who walk through rural areas will find this to be much more useful compared to a conventional map. How in tarnation does a pair of Sat Nav Shoes work, anyways? We were stumped initially, but thank the heavens for a pretty comprehensive product description.

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