Microfiber-Lined Ties – clean up your act, and your smartphone screen

Waltman Co Microfiber Neck Tie

While it’s not a huge issue, we are all a bit self-conscious about having a dirty smartphone screen. Every commercial we see makes it look like these sleek glass phones are going to stay glossy and clean forever, but that is never the case. We get smudges or smears from the oil on our skin or actual food and drink splotches on them, and have to hope that part of our wardrobe is clean enough that it won’t just mush it around the screen.

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The Digitsole tracks your steps and keeps your feet toasty


The leaves are changing to colors that are breath-taking, but we know that this is a short-lived sight. Soon the temperature will be dropping to obnoxious levels, and we’ll be struggling to keep warm. We can put on tons of layers for pants and shirts, but you don’t want to overdo it on your socks. It’s all too easy to have your feet too hot or too cold.

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Pavlok Fitness Band – 340 Volts of Motivation


Hate exercise? Me too! But there’s a wealth of information that proves its a necessary evil. Getting up and getting going isn’t just about looking good, its about living longer, healthier, more productive lives. Sure, its good for the old cardiovascular system, but its also good for your brain, you bones… heck, every bit of you. So what else do you need to know to get moving?

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The Power Spurz will let you blaze a trail with LEDs

It’s difficult to find enough hours in the day for everything we want to get accomplished. Working, house upkeep, keeping ourselves fed, and staying in shape are all supposed to be daily occurrences. If you don’t have time to go for a run until nighttime, then you’re going to need to make sure you aren’t hiding in the shadows, or a passing car isn’t going to see you until after injuries have been inflicted.

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Leapband – Activity Tracker for Kids

It seems that as far back as I can remember, kids liked to pretend they were grownups. In my day there were sets of keys, and old corded-type phones that little ones could drag around with them and pretend to be mom or dad. Today “play” cellphones and tablets are popular… and some of them … Read more

Nerdswax will take away the need to keep adjusting your glasses

If you’ve ever worn a pair of glasses, whether it be for the purpose of being able to see or blocking out some sunlight, you’ve likely had to shove them back up on your nose. Even if you get them adjusted regularly, you’re going to have them sliding down from the optimal position almost constantly. Not many of us are going to use straps or wear goggles to make sure they’re always in place, so something simpler might be in order.

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Goccia is the world’s smallest activity tracker

There are so many gadgets to carry around that it starts to become annoying figuring out which cable goes to what. Everything needs to be charged almost daily, and even though we try to keep things neat and simple, that isn’t always the case. As our lives become busier, it’s hard to keep tabs on our health, which is why activity trackers are becoming more and more popular.

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Hexoskin – The Future of Fitness Tracking


We’ve all heard of the Fitbit and the Flex, there are a few health monitors on the market these days. But, for the most part,  they all seem pretty similar. I know there are some differences that might help you decide which might be the best fit for you… but let’s add one to the mix, and it’s not a bracelet, it’s a wearable garment that seems to raise the bar, when it comes to what we’ve come to expect from a health and fitness monitor.

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Evena Medical – New “Eyes On” Glasses get Under your Skin


If you’ve ever been to the doctor and had your blood drawn you know that every now and then it’s a hit or miss proposition. Sure, most of the time it’s no big deal, but you’ll remember for weeks to come when they couldn’t find a vein and you left the office bruised and sore. Aging, and certain illnesses or accidents can cause a blood draw, or IV placement to become very difficult… and sometimes, seconds count.

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The SOOT Electropack is a bag for every occasion

SOOT Electropack

Almost everyone seems to have a penchant for collecting different types of bags. Messenger bags, camera bags, backpacks, purses, and much more take up space in a corner of our closets. We keep them around because we face various situations in which one bag may not be as efficient as the other. There are times of course where we also buy bags we already have to be trendy, or we find them aesthetically pleasing.

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