Blackboard offers you a new way to write

blackboardNo, this is no ordinary blackboard that the older generation grew up with, where the use of chalk and a duster educated millions of children during their formative years. This is the blackboard of the 21st century, where technology has been fused to an ancient idea in order to deliver the best of both worlds. The folks behind the Boogie Board has come up with the definitive Blackboard, where it has been described as an electronic writing tool that features Liquid Crystal Paper, enabling one to write, edit and erase as though one was using pencil on paper.

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Gamber-Johnson reveals trio of Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 docking stations

gamber-johnsonWhen it comes to tablets, the general trend of this particular device has been on a downward spiral for quite some time already, but there is still a decent enough sized market to keep new models rolling out from time to time. It is useful for such tablets to feature a dock, since there are times when you simply want to stop working and relax, and watching a movie on a tablet is far more enjoyable than on a (relatively) tiny smartphone display. A docking station would then come in handy, and for Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 owners, Gamber-Johnson has come up with not one or two, but a trio of docking stations that have been specially designed in order to safely and securely mount the all new tablet.

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LeapFrog offers the LeapPad Ultimate tablet for kids

leappad-ultimateWhen it comes to kids, you know that they can be boisterous. Very boisterous in fact, and through their hyperactivity and running around, they are bound to cause something to break. This means handing over a brand new smartphone is not the best of ideas, since a random drop is most probably going to result in two things breaking: the smartphone’s screen and your heart, which is why LeapFrog is able to identify with parents who want a solution by rolling out what is deemed to be the “perfect” first tablet for kids — the LeapPad Ultimate.

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AT&T Primetime tablet delivers round-the-clock entertainment

att-primetimeA tablet is meant to be an alternative communications device to the smartphone, and many of us do happen to own a tablet that is a secondary productivity device. Well, while our smartphones might continue to be our primary portable media player that keeps us entertained on long road trips or across trans-Atlantic flights, this does not mean that we should discount the usefulness of a tablet. AT&T has come up with something interesting in the form of the AT&T Primetime, an exclusive tablet from the mobile carrier that comes loaded with entertainment and productivity features to help you get started right out of the box.

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mophie delivers portable USB-C charging solution

mophie-powerstationmophie is a very well known name when it comes to mobile accessories, especially smartphones that need a power boost in your daily life. The company has since rolled out its fair share of smartphone cases that come with an integrated power source, allowing you to prolong usage of your device while obtaining protection at the same time, without having to head to the nearest power outlet in the middle of the day. This time around, mophie has something slightly different although it has everything to do with power — the USB-C XXL power station. The mophie USB-C XXL power station is a high capacity universal battery which has been specially designed to charge the MacBook (2015), MacBook Pro (2016), iPad, iPhone and other compatible mobile devices.

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Nextbook offers 2-in-1 tablets for students at a very affordable price

nextbook-efunE FUN knows that it is time to get back to school, and students who are in need of something more substantial than their regular pen and paper equipment will be able to make do with a couple of 2-in-1 tablets that will not break the bank. These 2-in-1 tablets will arrive in 11.6-inch formats, running on both Windows and Android platforms, and will sport an asking price of just $179 apiece, being far more affordable compared to your regular, full-fledged notebook, right?

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E FUN has Nextbook Flexx 12 Flip 2-in-1 Tablet in its stable of devices

nextbook-12-flipE FUN is well known for its collection of extremely affordable yet functional devices, and this holds true with their latest release to cap off 2016 — the Nextbook Flexx 12 Flip 2-in-1 tablet. As you can tell by its name, this brand new device will merge both the functionality of a regular laptop with that of a tablet’s usefulness, ensuring that you can still enjoy some Windows 10 goodness while you are on the move.

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E FUN introduces the Nextbook Flexx 9 2-in-1 tablet which debuts at Walmart

efun-nextbook-flexx-9E FUN is no stranger when it comes to rolling out tablets, what more 2-in-1 tablets to more or less a saturated tablet market. Well, their Nextbook 10.1 2-in-1 tablet did have students in mind when it was revealed to the masses earlier this September, and here we are with a Walmart debut of the Nextbook Flexx 9 2-in-1 tablet. Basically, the Nextbook Flexx 9 2-in-1 tablet is meant to trumpet the following qualities: being portable, versatile in use, and of course, easy on your budget. Perhaps with the holiday season coming up, this would make for the ideal holiday gift when it comes to someone whom you know loves to play video games, or to watch video on the move, or simply spend plenty of time online on social media and firing out emails to keep in touch.

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Verizon GizmoTab targets the little ones

verizon-gizmotabMonkey see, monkey do, or so the saying goes. We more or less know just how it is like with our younger ones, as to how they tend to imitate us adults in all that we say and do, and perhaps even think. Well, surely you would have come across one time in your life when you were surfing through your inbox on your iPad when a young ‘un stopped right in front of you and asked in the most heart melting manner, ”Can I borrow your iPad, pretty please?” with an accompaniment of fluttering eyelids? Well, perhaps you feel that now is the time for some in your family’s brood to own a tablet of their own, and the Verizon GizmoTab might just be able to do the trick.

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OIO introduces Amp iPad speaker case

oio-ampThe idea of tablets being used as a portable media player is not new at all, but then again, neither is it something which is all the craze these days. The tablet market has definitely been on a decline, if slightly, in recent times, and it does not look as though it is going to pick up anytime soon either. This does not mean that there is no money to be made where tablet accessories are concerned, since there is still a sizeable market out there. However, the choice of accessories would certainly come under scrutiny, since there is plenty to look forward to if you are going to kit out your tablet — or iPad in particular, with a speaker case. Yes, you read that right — a speaker case, which is something that does not arrive every other day.

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