Stop Eavesdropping Snooping Colleagues

Babble boxesI used to have a work colleague who would annoyingly eavesdrop on private conversations. There wasn’t much you could do about it short of taking calls outside or whispering down the phone (which he used to do funnily enough). So I read with interest, about a technology solution to the problem, the Babble.

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USB Turntable (Rip Vinyl)

Before MP3 there was Cd’s, before that tapes and even earlier still there was vinyl (and somewhere along the way mini-discs came and went). Though vinyl still seems to be alive (just) it’s not the most portable of formats. This latest gadget the USB Turntable helps you rip your vinyl collection onto your PC so … Read more

The Outdoor Beer Fridge

If you’re like us you’ll enjoy the odd tinnie and barbecue in the sunny summer months. When you have guests round it can become a bit of a pain making trips to the fridge when ever peoples drinks run dry. That was until the roll bar came along. The roll bar may look like a … Read more

Really Cool Portable GPS Tracker

Update: Somewhat annoyingly Think Geek have stopped selling this GPS tracker, however there is a huge selection of alternatives over on Amazon.

This must be one of (if not the) coolest spy gadgets I’ve ever reported on. It’s sort of a cross between a USB memory stick and a GPS receiver and what it does is store where ever you take it on the flash memory.

The Portable GPS Tracker is pretty small so you could either always carry it on you or use it in 007 spy mode by planting it on a person or vehicle you want to monitor. You may be wondering how you retrieve the stored info and secret routes, well that’s where it gets really cool.

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Digital Tombstones

Death is one those subjects people tend not to like talking about, however it still comes to us all in the end. Tombstones haven’t changed much over the last few centuries (or millennium’s to that matter), that is until now with the introduction of the digital tombstone. The digital tombstone has a built in weather … Read more

Traveler Digital Camera DC-5080 (5MP with webcam support)

For the last one week, I was eyeing on this new model of Traveler digital camera from Germany. For some reason, it caught my interest when I was shopping at Aldi, when they announced a product to be released this week. The Traveler Digital Camera DC-5080 has a 5-megapixel, sufficiently large enough to take really good quality pictures. In addition, the 1.7-inch LCD colour display allows you to see more clearly. Also, it comes with a 4x-digital zoom, which somewhat I feel it would be better if it were to be an optical zoom instead.

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LG Philips Develop 100 Inch Plasma TV

The team at are pleased to pass their congratulations to LG Philips for developing the world’s largest LCD television panel – with a whopping 100 inch panel.

There’s just one problem we can see though. We’d have to move the couch into the kitchen to fit this TV into our living room. In fact with a price tag of $100,000 dollars, we’d have to sell the couch, and most of the kitchen, to make the first down payment.

Would any of you guys buy one of these monsters?

Cool Wooden Clock

It’s that time again to report on a new cool clock. What makes this clock gadgety, well it’s made out of wood for starters and when not showing the time looks just like a plain old block of timber.

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Invisible Touch-less Dimmer Switches

It’s pretty difficult to get a cool light switch, as at the end of the day it’s just a switch but the company Anigmo has managed it by way of a totally contact-less dimmer switch, the ST2 range (okay the name could of been a bit more inventive).

In the old days, if you wanted a contact-less switch you’d need to clap, shout or slam doors. With the Anigmo switch all you need to do is wave your hand in-front of it.

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Flower Petal Printers

If you’re Mr Romantic and you want to buy an ultra unique and personalised present then check out this Flower Printer, which lets you print your own personalised messages and doodles onto flower petals.. I’ve not met a woman yet who doesn’t like flowers and giving her flowers where each petal is personalised specially for … Read more