Ectaco introduces jetBook mini

Once you’ve taken a look at the title, do not groan and say “Oh no! Not another e-book reader that has descended upon us!”. Well, that might be the case, but you need not worry about Ectaco’s latest offering as the jetBook-mini will be an extension of the world’s leader in portable language learning and translation technology, empowering book lovers everywhere (whether they like flipping through virtual pages or not is another matter) to enjoy digital reading just about anytime and any place. Retailing for a dollar shy of a Benjamin, the new jetBook mini which was recently unveiled at the Frankfurt Book Fair and Consumer Electronics Show in Hong Kong, delivers all the more notable features of the jetBook family such as an ultra crisp 5″ reflective TFT screen technology, instant page turns, multiple language support and portability, all crammed into a body that sports a new look as well as 90 hours of non-stop reading time – all on just a quartet of AAA Energizer batteries. How’s that for longevity, eh? Of course, that makes perfect sense since this e-book reader will not be able to perform other functions that more powerful tablet devices can, making it a decent enough trade-off.

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Borders to deliver new Kobo Wireless eReader

Love reading, but have yet to make the jump over from a paperback to a digital book reader? Well, if you frequent Borders and would love to see what the fuss about eBook readers are all about, let Kobo satisfy your curiosity with their new Kobo Wireless eReader. This model will finally come with Wi-Fi connectivity to make sure it remains up to date with the rest of its rivals in the market. Apart from the built-in wireless connection, you will also be able to select from onyx, porcelain with a metallic silver back and porcelain with a pearlized lilac back colors. A new processor also comes in handy, delivering far faster page turns to keep up with all you speed readers out there. As for its dimensions, toting it around is a snap as it is a mere 0.4 inches thin, weighing all of 7.8 grams.

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Android-powered Pandigital Novel hacked

E-book readers are all the rage these days, and it is interesting to note that more and more folks in developed countries who have a good reading habit are making the jump to digital books. After all, having a single device that can tote around hundreds and hundreds of tomes without weighing you down is always a boon, especially if you tend to do a whole lot of traveling. Of course, having an e-book reader might be considered to be a luxury for some, but it might just be the device for you if you want a gadget that gives you back much more than you can ever imagine, as we know (the right) books open up the mind when read and digested. There are many e-book readers around at the omment, but at $179 a pop, the Pandigital Novel is not the most affordable one in the market although it is one of the cheapest general purpose Android tablets available in the US. Of course, it is rather strange that the company did not market the Pandigital Novel in that manner.

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Acer LumiRead ebook reader announced

Who would have thought that even a company like Acer would take the plunge into the world of ebook readers? Well, that has happened with the Acer LumiRead, the latest device from Acer that touts to offer users an excellent reading experience as it seamlessly integrates in the Acer solution. Since the Acer LumiRead is also DLNA compliant, it can access Acer and share contents like eBooks and audio-books as well. Being light and extremely slim in profile, the Acer LumiRead is perfect for those who want to catch up on their reading when traveling, regardless of whether you’re indoors or outdoors, reading on the e-Ink display is a snap. Just in case you have already finished all of your downloaded tomes, you can also hook up via a Wi-Fi or 3G connectin to download the latest bestseller as well.

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Aluratek e-book reader, the Libre, hands-on

The Libre isn’t the first e-book reader that I have reviewed, and I must admit that I have reviewed few of them. I didn’t find the Libre from Aluratek to be different from the last one that I reviewed.

Then again, last year brought about more e-readers than I think the general public really wanted, as most were only turning to Amazon’s Kindle to satisfy their e-reading needs. I suppose that this will be the year of the tablet and its derivatives.

But I digress. I will discuss what the Libre does that is different. According to the company, the Libre’s 5 inch black and white screen has “the same appearance and readibility” of printed paper. Since it has no backlight, it is just like reading a book. I think that most other e-book readers can do that, actually.

I do like the way that the Libre wants the first-time e-book user to get reading. It is made to be set up to get an easy Internet connection so you can download many free titles from ebook sites from and The Libre also comes with a 2GB SD Card with 100 titles on it. You can see a complete list here.

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