Neeo is what a universal remote should be

 NEEO Remote

There’s a good chance you have at least one universal remote in your home. While it may be able to work across a few different devices, we don’t really bother with figuring out what codes to enter to make everything work together. This usually results in 4 or more remotes hanging out on the living room table. Invariably, one of them goes missing and it’s always the one that changes the channel.

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Weye Feye Wi-Fi remote control for DSLRs

weye-feyeWe live in an increasingly connected society, so much so that breaking news and the latest happenings needs to be shared right there and then – anything slower than “instant” would be considered anathema. With social networks playing a really huge role in our lives, with most of us having a Twitter and Facebook account, there are various tools out there which will help aid us in broadcasting our life to the virtual world. Since many smartphones these days come with a decent camera – whether at the back or the selfie one, most of us have social network profiles that depict the exotic places of where we have been, hoping to net a few more “Likes” or comments along the way. Snapping good selfies, however, can be quite a challenge – and you might look funny with one of those “selfie sticks”. If only there was a remote control solution in the market. But there is! With the aptly named Weye Feye, this external device will be able to generate its own Wi-Fi network, allowing you to control virtually any compatible DLSR camera from your mobile device using a free app.

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The Nixie Wearable Camera – Your Life from a New Perspective


Let’s face it, taking pictures or ourselves, and our stuff, has become an icon of our times. Social media has taken over, and we are obsessed with posting images of our best selves, our supposedly ideal lives, and sharing this info with our “friends.” Most of the time, these images of our us with our lunches, or us in the mirror, well, they’re just boring… I want to see some real action! How about a few “Selfies” actually worth looking at?

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Satechi GoRemote Bluetooth 4.0 waterproof remote control

Satechi-GoRemoteThe GoRemote Bluetooth 4.0 waterproof remote control from Satechi might not exactly be a common smartphone accessory out there, simply because it isn’t. Regardless, it does seem to shape up to be one of the more perfect accessories for iOS users who are on the go, coming in a convenient and compact form factor, which is available for pre-order on Kickstarter. This means it requires the help of the masses in order to raise the necessary amount of funds before it is realized on a production line somewhere.

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The Narrative Clip – Your Brand New Photographic Memory


You’ve seen it in every movie, every TV show, that dramatizes loss. A fire guts a house, and while there’s real pain in the destruction and damage, the real loss, is in the memories. Photographs, and recordings of a life well lived. It’s human nature to want to preserve the past, to share it with others, to relive our lives as we grow and change. How about a way to really chronicle our lives, for ourselves, for our families?

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Tethercell – Take “Charge” of your Batteries


Oh how the world loves a battery… there aren’t too many toys or gadgets these days that don’t run thru a goodly supply of AA’s. That being said, I certainly wish I had a little more control over how these batteries were used, like how long my kid could play with her toys, or how long a lantern could be left on, or just to make sure things were turned off all the way in order to avoid wasting precious battery life . Yup. Battery control, that could be cool…

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Luminara Moving Wick Candles – a Gift Idea that’s on Fire


I have to admit I’ve made the switch to electric candles, I know they don’t look completely authentic, but I like the fact that they’re safe, don’t drip wax everywhere and the high end models can even be set to come on at a certain time everyday. I like how flickering candles set a lovely holiday mood. Yes, the real thing is always prettier… that is until now.

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