Best Shower Speaker [2019]

Shower Speaker and Water

Best Shower Speaker: In terms of price, quality, and just the overall audio experience that the Photive M90 Portable Waterproof Speaker provides, no other shower speaker really comes close. If you want the best of the best, our top choice will always be the Photive. Best Budget Shower Speaker: If you’re shopping on a budget … Read more

Best Gaming Keypad [2019]

Razer Tartarus V2 on desktop

Best Overall: It’s not the cheapest option, but there’s also a reason for that: The Aula Excalibur is designed to offer you an infinite number of commands with eight programmable keys, and the design of the keypad is intended to help reduce fatigue more so than other keypads as well. Best Budget Gaming Keypad: You’re … Read more

Best Wireless Adapter [2019]

Wifi adapter connected to router

Best Overall: If you want the best, you want the Asus AC3100 PCIe Wireless Adapter. While it’s not nearly as portable as some of the other wireless adapters, it will keep you running at peak performance. Not to mention, it looks FREAKIN’ cool! Best Value: If you want a great wireless adapter, that isn’t a … Read more

Royole FlexPai is a truly unique device

The phablet did become rather popular for a while as this particular niche device straddled the middle line between a smartphone and a tablet. However, Royole has something totally different in mind with the introduction of the Royole FlexPai, where it boasts of the second generation Cicada Wing fully flexible display while running on the customized Water OS. It can be a smartphone when you want it to, and be easily transformed by folding it open as a tablet. The choice lies in your hands.

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Vuzix M400 enterprise smart glasses

Smart glasses were all the rage a few years back, especially when folks thought that Google Glass was going to kick off a whole new revolution in the consumer electronics market. Unfortunately, things did not pan out that way, and the utopian dream of everyone wearing a pair of smart glasses continue to remain just that: a dream. However, the situation is rather different when it concerns the enterprise market, as Vuzix has entered new territory with the Vuzix M400 enterprise smart glasses.

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