Vapium delivers solar USB charger for vaporizers

vapium-springVapium, the folks behind the reliable tools required for the bold vapor enthusiast, has recently announced their very first solar USB charger that will cater for your vaporizer. Of course, it has an added advantage, and that would be the ability to juice up your mobile devices, now how about that for some added flexibility? Oh yeah, how can I forget – Vapium’s effort this time around is known as the SPRING – and the SPRING will come with a rugged exterior, IPX4 splash-proof rating and a solar panel which will be able to recharge your SUMMIT loose-leaf vaporizer to the maximum by up to four times, assuming it had spent an entire day in the sun beforehand, of course.

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Energizer’s New EcoAdvanced Batteries Do Come With The Scent Of Recycled Batteries

energizer-eco-advancedFor those of you who are now in your mid-30s as well as 40s, you would know that there were many toys in our childhood that relied on batteries – and alkaline batteries were back then, the bomb. After all, playing your Game Boy with alkaline batteries powering it allowed Nintendo’s little handheld console that could to last for far longer periods of intense gaming as opposed to regular AA batteries. Well, after all these years, Energizer is still around, and their latest range of batteries are believed to be partially made using recycled batteries, now how about that? Surely this is a small step towards reducing the amount of toxic waste in our environment, not to mention freeing up a wee bit of our landfills.

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SunnyBAG comes up with new Action Case

gopro-solar-caseI am quite sure that many hardware manufacturers have long explored the possibility of making their hardware a whole lot more longer lasting than possible, including the battery technology within so that the end user does not need to inconvenience him or herself by making the trek to the nearest power outlet all too often. This has also led to the development of solar chargers, and here we are this time around with SunnyBAG of Austria who has come up with a new Action Case which happens to be an Indiegogo project at the moment – meaning it will need to raise up enough funds in due time in order to be realized.

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Green Starts Here announces the ShowerSaver

showersaverThe earth does have limited resources, but this does not mean it doesn’t have the capability to sustain all of us – close to 7 billion people, and growing. However, it would require careful management of the existing resources, as well as maximizing what we already have right now. Every little bit counts, and this would include making sure we use water as sparingly as possible. After all, fresh water is extremely limited in quantity compared to sea water, and you aren’t going to bathe using sea water, are you? Green Starts Here hopes to help kick in some sense of water savings with the ShowerSaver, which is a monitoring device that one would use in the shower so that the user can gain access to real-time information concerning their shower duration and water consumption.

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The ClickStick: the world’s first smart deodorant


Whether or not we want to admit it, we’re all concerned about how we smell. Hygiene is important, but even if you bathe every day, there’s one thing you never want to forget. Deodorant hides the body odor that comes naturally with going through your day. While some people don’t have as pungent a smell as others, it’s something we all deal with. There are tons of different smells and types of deodorant out there, but it’s very simple to accidentally get it on your clothes when putting it on.

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Miito might replace the electric kettle – waste not, want not


We’re becoming more and more aware of all the things we’re wasting. Gasoline, energy, water, and much more. Even when we find out how much and of what we’re wasting, we can’t but help but overuse things a little more than we should. Unless it becomes a dangerous situation, it’s easy to forget about how much of an impact several smaller instances can have on the whole. It’s the small things like overfilling your electric kettle with too much water that come into play.

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The Food Cycler will compost your leftovers with the push of a button

Food Cycler

If you’ve ever tried composting, you know it’s not exactly for the faint of heart. There are a lot of overwhelming smells, bugs, and manual labor that you will have to keep up with over a long period of time. If you want to cut down on the amount of trash you put out and get some fertilizer for free, then you might want to look into an option that will compost your food automatically.

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