Shock absorbers are capable of generating electricity

Shock absorbers are an extremely important component of any car, as it provides you with a comfortable ride no matter where you want to go. Well, the boffins at Cambridge, MA-based Levant Power have come up with a new form of shock absorbers which are touted to lower fuel consumption by 1.5% to 6%, depending on the type of vehicle it is used in and driving conditions. Not only that, the new shock absorber system is touted to improve vehicle handling for motorheads who place a great amount of emphasis on performance. Apart from that, what sets this shock absorber system apart from the rest in the market would be its ability to take advantage of potholes – assuming you could not avoid one in time, it will be able to turn the situation in your favor, turning vibrations and jolts from rough roads into electricity.

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Sprint offers Samsung Seek officially

Sprint has announced a brand new cellphone for the masses Stateside, where you will be able to pick yet another touchscreen device that also sports a full slide out QWERTY keyboard if you’re a messaging and email fiend – we’re talking about the the Samsung Seek, also known as the Samsung M350 if model numbers are your cup of tea. This 3G phone will come in a trio of color options alongside an easy-to-use, customizable menu system that provides instant access to their favorite features and applications. Basically, this is a phone that aims to bring the best of messaging features as well as multimedia favorites in a compact and stylish design, where you can choose from Cool Blue and Scarlet Red colors for a mere $29.99, with of course, the now customary new two-year service agreement and this also after a $50 mail-in rebate. For those who can wait until June 6th, you will then be able to pick it up in Fantasy Pink.

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Oasis Solar Stainless Steel Lantern

When you’re out camping it just kills the mood entirely to refill your gadgets with new batteries.  It’s way better if you can manage to go without changing batteries or plugging things in.  This solar lantern will allow for you to keep your light source juiced and working all night long.  Of course it looks like something you’d find at space camp instead of a camp in the middle of the woods, but at least you’ll be battery-free.

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Kites generate power under the sea

Sure, we could all use new and energy-efficient power sources, and I’ve got to admire this particular one.

Dubbed “Deep Green” by a Swedish start-up company Minestro, it is known as an “underwater kite”. This particular kit doesn’t use the wind, but they are held aloft by “the motion of the ocean”. As for their “strings” they are tied to the seabed, and I’m guessing that what they are attached to must be made of some buoyant material of some sort.

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Solar FM Radio Kit

Alright, so it’s not a solar portable iPod speaker kit.  Which means it might have slightly less appeal for the younger ones that are heavily attached to their MP3 player of choice.  However, for those that just love to build and use what they’ve built on a regular basis this little kit would be fun.  Plus this FM radio won’t require you to constantly replace batteries.

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Solar cells to be printed on paper?

The Source from this story really caught my attention. The title of it was “solar cells printed on paper”.

This is not the time to say “Nuff Said”. This is the time to figure out how in the world I can download the template of these solar cells, print out a bunch, and wire them to all the appliances an electrical devices in my house. Then I’m calling the power company and telling them that I am officially off the grid, and I am not paying their high bills.

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German scientists use lasers to create clouds

This is an interesting device I saw this morning that could easily signal a new era for Mother Earth.

As you can see from the picture, a laser has been used to create clouds. It was actually some German scientists, and they didn’t just point a laser at the sky and make clouds.

No, these guys shot some lasers into a chamber of some water-saturated air at about -24 degrees Celsius.

Okay, I think that we all see the next step here. After all, if we can create clouds, why can’t we create clouds that can do rain? In that case, can’t we create clouds that can do snow?

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HICE Hydrogen-powered vehicle made by high-schoolers

For those that are interested in green vehicles are probably looking to electric or even hydrogen-powered cars.

The hydrogen-powered car that you see in this picture was, believe it or not, designed by a group of high-school students. They are from the Los Altos Academy of Engineering in California, and they have been working on cars like this for a while, in conjunction with companies like Toyota and Boeing.

This particular vehicle, known as the HICE (Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine) vehicle was nearly completed back in February. It is powered by a four-stroke Honda engine, and has three wheels.

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Domestic Transformer turns 344-foot square space into 24-room house

This is one of those posts where I think you should just watch the video (located after the jump) and read about it.

This is Gary Chang’s “Domestic Transformer”, located in the heart of Hong Kong. It is one of the most populated cities on Earth, and Gary Chang has made his typical 344 square foot living space into a 24-room house.

It is possible with sliding walls. What you see here is his 2-meter wide kitchen, which is located behind his bookcase. If he wants the bookcase back, he folds up the kitchen and pushes it against the wall.

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