Earthquake Wallpaper – for when Your World is Falling Down around You

I used to live in California, I have felt my fair share of earthquakes, a short time after I first arrived in Los Angeles a quake woke me up from a dead sleep at around 7 o’clock in the morning. My chandelier broke, and my balcony actually fell from the apartment. My neighbors were standing in their doorways, afraid the walls would fall in on them and folks were trapped in our buildings elevator. Not one of my best mornings.
Luckily, German researchers have recently developed what they are calling, “seismic” wallpaper. This specially reinforced paper boasts the ability to  hold  masonry walls together and keep them from breaking, falling or crumbling when subjected to an earthquake. That could certainly make you feel safer, am I right?

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Salt Water Fuel Cell Giant Arachnoid Kit – Yikes!

I am sure most of you remember OWI’s award winning Salt Water Fuel Cell Car. Well I have to tell you that the second generation of this awesome technology appears to be that much cooler, unless your afraid of spiders! The Salt Water Fuel Cell Giant Arachnoid Kit gives once again gives our kids the opportunity to learn about new forms of clean energy, and they get to build and power their very own toy and then feed it some saltwater and watch it scurry away! *shudder*

 This environmentally friendly concept seems to steer us in the right direction. Everyday our kids are learning about ways to help protect our Earth and keep our world clean. This nifty little guy demonstrates to our kids a much more effective utilization of our natural resources and its fun at the same time. Can’t go wrong there.

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the Solar Suitcase – Saving Lives Overnight

So many of us take for granted some of the most common things in our lives. We rely on our medical system when we are sick. We have plenty of clean and amply equipped hospitals where we can give birth, or be made well. What if we didn’t have any of those things? What if you, or someone you loved had an emergency and the nearest hospital didn’t even have electricity. Yes, places like that still exist, and people are dying there.
Check out the WE CARE Solar Suitcase, originally designed to offer timely emergency obstetric care in areas with few resources and no reliable sources of  electricity ( where women were commonly losing their lives during childbirth), the Solar Suitcase is a portable power unit that provides health care workers in any situation with highly efficient medical lighting and power for phones, computers and other essential medical devices. 

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The Water Pebble – Save the Earth while you Shower

My daughter came home from school with a little booklet of things we can do to save the earth, she is supposed to pick 2 each week, and be in charge of making sure they happen. She tried to pick having one day a week with no electronics (including TV) After a family meeting, we decided that may not be the best choice. I’m leaning towards having her walk to school and having only toys without batteries, she’s not having that, but here is a little gizmo that might work for us…
Check out the Water Pebble, a neat little palm sized device that sits on the floor of your shower and monitors the water going down the drain. The Water Pebble cleverly memorizes your initial shower patterns and then slowly scales them back, reducing your shower time and helping your family conserve water, without even noticing. Now there’s something we can live with.

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Nokero solar powered phone charger

Many of us go to bed at night with our smartphones hooked up to a charger, making sure that we would be more than ready for the next day’s gruelling office run, where you have phone calls to make, text messages to send, emails to reply to, and even checking in your Foursquare account to make sure that you have not lost Mayor status at your favorite coffee haunt. That sounds like the norm for plenty of folks, but wait a moment and spare a thought for those who live in less developed countries, where getting an iPhone 4 is practically out of the question.
Those folks will have to settle for feature phones with monochrome screens instead, and forget about 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity. Heck, chances are pretty good they won’t even have access to electricity in their own homes – up to 500 million of them, according to a Hong Kong and Denver-based company who is currently trying to push their solar-power charging panels which targets those who live in off-grid, often impoverished regions of the world.

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DIY electric bicycle comes with three power modes

Bicycles are supposed to be a healthy mode of transport to help you get around from one point to the other without emitting any more greenhouse gases than you should, while helping you break a sweat so that you can burn off that Whopper from Burger King you had for lunch earlier in the day. … Read more

Sprout Biodegradable Watch

Sorry to cover news about timepieces today, but I surely could not let the $34 Sprout Biodegradable Watch pass by on my watch! Why so, you ask? Well, if you are the type who has taken all the efforts to go green, why not do the same with a watch? Most of us would think … Read more

Pedal Powered School Bus ready to combat childhood obesity

I believe that I have said it before, but children have all this energy that adults actually need. I figure that you might as well tap into that energy in this pedal powered school bus!
This bus, powered by Flintstones Kids technology, is made in the Netherlands by De Cafe Racer. It has room for about ten kids, and they will be put to work.
Oh man, this would solve so many problems with unruly kids on the schools bus! Just try and make those spitballs now, junior! Yeah, those kids should have both hands on the handlebars.

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Is it the end of the clamshell packaging? I hope so.

If you are not familiar with clamshell packaging, it is what you see on that package of three pilers on the image to your left. I’m sure you can’t stand opening this plastic coated nightmare, as it never opens easily.
On an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David is excited about his new gadget, until he can’t get it out of its clamshell plastic. He eventually ends up swearing and stabbing the packaging with a knife.
This packaging might deter theft and keep the materials inside safe, but it often does its job too well. Not only that, it requires a lot of plastic to do so, which is bad for the environment.

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Going green sees new projects materializing

It goes without saying that in this day and age, going green is more or less mandatory if you or your company wants to win brownie points with people around. Sure, we have solar powered cell phones and electric cars as well as the slew of recycling programs that you participate in on an almost religious basis, but what about the home that you live in?
You might have populated it with plenty of energy saving devices, but there is still much that can be done. In this aspect, there are several projects that we would like to draw your attention to concerning a green home, and they are the 365 livingARK, the LandARK concept and the epic 365 ark projects. To know more about them, head on after the jump.

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