Street Charge solar powered charging stations in New York

We live in a day and age where having a smartphone is more or less a compulsory device to own, and a tablet is a bonus. The thing is, you would need to keep those gadgets juiced up every day in order to maximize their use, and while I am quite sure that most of us do charge up our smartphones and tablets each night, there are moments when our memory fails us, and we end up at work with a smartphone which is on its last legs where its battery level is concerned. If you are a New Yorker, happy days are here, especially with word that solar power market leader Goal Zero working alongside AT&T and Brooklyn design studio PENSA, to roll out an environmentally friendly solution to charging woes by offering public solar powered charging stations that they have called Street Charge.

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Portable Solar Powered Speaker

We live in a world where just about any mobile device that one carries these days – be they smartphones or tablets, are capable of playing back some music. And the amount of storage that these portable devices hold can reach insane levels, in fact, a whole lot more than your regular hard drive back … Read more

Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern

If there ever was a time when you wanted to play the role of a deity, then perhaps now would be a good one – with the £19.99 Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern in tow, of course. The Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern works as its name suggests, coming in a lightweight form factor that is highly … Read more

A Different Sort of Foot Powered Skateboard

Skateboards seem like such a practical method of travel, especially if you live by the beach or in an area with good pathways. Some of us uncoordinated people in the world weren’t meant to travel by skateboard. Steering is all about finding your balance and being comfortable. Pushing off the ground for power should be easy. But klutzy people like me struggle. At long last. I think I found the perfect skateboard for those of us who struggle or for anyone wanting an easier skating experience or an eco-friendly method of motorized travel.

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General Electric Durathon battery to power buses

We do seem to be making a move to electric vehicles slowly but surely, as the world catches on with the idea of global warming being a disaster. Hybrid vehicles are enjoying a pretty good sales run at this point in time, although the percentage is far from dominating the auto sales market. Well, having more efficient people movers in large cities are important, and so too, would making sure that these public transportation arteries are run by environmentally friendly vehicles. General Electric intends to answer this clarion call with the Durathon battery that they claim is cheaper to power buses using clean energy.

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Solar Power and Social Responsibility

Some of you may have heard of the WakaWaka Light, a Kickstarter success from 2011 made by Off-Grid Solutions. This solar powered, LED lamp gives a night of light after 8 hours of sun. The key is their power management which ensures it is more efficient than other products on the market. If you don’t believe it read their reviews.  In raising funds the makers also donated 800 units to school children in Kenya as a more logical and safe replacement for kerosene lamps.

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Intellipaper USB flash drive goes green

I am quite sure that many of us already own plenty of USB flash drives – not through purchasing them at a shop or something, but because we have attended enough press conferences, conventions and events for exhibitors to hand these out like candy on Halloween. The thing is, we tend to forget just what we store on all of these USB flash drives, and after a while accumulating them takes up space that all we want to do is throw them away. Which leads us to another problem – disposing of USB flash drives in an environmentally friendly manner is rather difficult, which is what led to some folks to think of the Intellipaper USB flash drive.

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Pedal Power Your Devices

Bicycle hubs have long provided power for bike headlights via small, built-in generators (dynamo hub), a great, green power source. But there are a few drawbacks. The power generated varies with your pedaling. Slow pedaling delivers a decent charge, but speed on the bike creates spikes and surges in the power – not healthy for devices. Another drawback is lack of storage for the power you generate. Seems like there are other uses for the pedal generated power like charging your electronic devices! BioLogic, bike accessory maker, offers a line of products that enables you to channel that bicycling energy with their ReeCharge™ Dynamo Kit and ReeCharge™ Power Pack.

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Charge Devices With Solar Tree

Inevitably we can never get enough charge in our devices. We often have to leave the comfort of power ports to watch the kids’ games or head to the beach. But why sacrifice the possibility of missing that important call or email? Rest assured that you can channel the sun into your electronic devices using … Read more