USB Solar Mobile Charger

Go green with the USB Solar Mobile Charger from Brando – this device features a 1,500mAh lithium battery, storing up juice harvested from the sun’s rays for a time when you need it most. It will feature connecting tips with cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players as well as portable media players – heck, anything … Read more

The Solar Umbrella Globe Lights probably attracts bugs, big ones

If you’re on the lookout for a bit of outdoor lighting for your deck, this solar umbrella would be a nice way to illuminate a bit of outdoor dining after dark.  The only issue is that with those bright and shiny lights hanging underneath the umbrella you’re going to end up attracting every bug around.  Citronella candles can only do so much when they are fighting against 3 orb-like bug magnets.  I would say that it’d be alright if you were in a screened in porch, but an umbrella kind of indicates that you’re outside.  Otherwise, you wouldn’t really need one.

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Coke Can Sculptures Of Famous UK Landmarks

Coke Bull

Coke might not be making great strides in the health department. Their beverages are still laden with sugar and other various carcinogens, but it’s pretty admirable what they are setting out to do for the environment. They’re on a mission to promote eco-awareness.

Coca-Cola has commissioned artist Sam McGeever to create pieces of pop culture art using recycled Coke cans. McGeever has recreated such famous sculptural pieces as London’s Big Ben, the iconic Angel Of The North (made using over 10,000 cans), the Clifton Suspension Bridge, and even the Birmingham Bull.

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Solar powered speedboat

Solar power looks like it is here to stay, and we have so far seen solar powered cars being the Holy Grail in the fight to be independent of black gold, or rather, oil. Hybrid cars aren’t exactly catching on as fast as environmentalists prefer, and solar powered cars have not made the impact they were supposed to mainly because the technology is not yet there for a powerful, conventionally shaped vehicle that runs entirely off the sun’s rays. Never mind modes of transportation on land – here we have a solar powered speedboat that will slice through water pretty much in the same way an ordinary speedboat does, save for the fact that this one relies on the sun to power its electric engine instead.

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Shark Fin Power Sysyem: Inspired From Nature

Power generation would be so much easier if we could gather up all the fish of the sea and attach mini-turbines to all of their fins. Fish generate a huge amount of power with these things comparative to their size.

What we can accomplish is the next best thing. The bioSTREAM tidal power conversion system’s design is inspired by the framework of living animals, specifically, the fins of tuna, mackerel, and sharks.

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Power your cell phone by hand

Hand-Crank USB Charger

How many times have you been stranded somewhere with a dead cell phone battery? I’m sure that it’s happened to everyone at least a few times, and it’s always at the most inconvenient time. There are many solutions out there to ensure that you’ll be able to get some extra juice to your phone, but here’s one that is a bit more eco-friendly.

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Pedal Your Gadgets To Full Power


If you’ve been a reader of CG for sometime, you’ve surely seen an assortment of ways to charge your gadgets in an eco-friendly fashion. Most of the time, these green gadget chargers are powered with a hand crank, which is fine for conventional purposes, but there are some circumstances that might lead to this method not being as effective as others.

For example, what if you happen be an amputee? With both upper limbs lost in some freak factory accident. Or maybe you’re just too lazy to sit around and churn a hand crank when you can be doing something more productive. This Pedal Powered Gadget Charger is a hands-free method for charging up your devices when you have better uses for your hands.

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HyMini uses wind power to charge your gadgets


People have been paying more attention to the impact that their technology use has on the environment. Thus we’ve had a slew of of gadgets that take advantage of the sun’s rays for power. However, there are other sources of renewable power that are untapped. If you want to be the coolest eco-friendly tech lover on the block, you might look into the HyMini.

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Grobal Self-watering Planters

Grobal Self-watering Planters

Some of you might have houseplants, and of those some, I’m sure there is a great percentage of you that forget to water them. This next product has been designed for you.

The Grobal self-watering planters are pots designed to water your plants automatically. That’s right, automatically. There is a reservoir within the plant that holds the water, and then the “grow chamber” draws water out of this storage area when it is needed.

I’m not certain how the pot knows when to draw out the water, but I have to say that the system itself is quite efficient. After all, over-watering your plant is not only a waste of water, but can be bad for the plant itself. This way, not a precious drop of H20 is wasted in this Grobal self-watering planter.

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UV Card

The UV Card is perfect for all those who tend to scurry under the shade whenever the sun gets too strong for them, which isn’t a bad thing considering you have forgotten to put some sunblock on. Anyways, the more scientifically minded who love taking details of their environment will find the UV card to … Read more