Flip Flask Sandals – Just don’t get Flip Floppin Drunk!


We went to a concert in the park, and although nothing says summer like some cool tunes in the outdoors, a small cocktail usually figures into the occasion somewhere.  But at this park, booze was simply not allowed. I looked at the mostly over 50 crowd, lounging on their towels and listening to Doo-Wop music and wondered what the heck? I strongly suspect the folks in front of us were passing a bottle of wine off as some grape juice, but why should I complain. Next week though, I’m bringing my own stash…
Check out Flip Flask Sandals, attractive summer footwear that hides a tempting secret, hidden in the bottom of each shoe is a 3 ounce flask. So although you may not be able to drink yourself into a drool-worthy stupor, you can certainly relax a little at your next sporting event, concert, or late night study session at the campus library.

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The Festival Couch – with Motors and Speakers, Oh My!

Ah the music festival… a rite of passage for every teenager, beer and bands, crazy dancing, tasteful (and maybe not so tasteful) full frontal nudity… fields littered with the young, and the young at heart, on lawn chairs, on blankets and towels, in varying states of consciousness. The music festival has been the same for decades.
Until now, what is that rolling down the field? Behold the Festival Couch, a solar charged, motorized, music infused sofa on wheels that can bring your personal “festival attendee” cool factor to the next level. Now you can enjoy the show in movable comfort and style, not to mention a mobile mini-bar.

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Power Hour USB Shotglass – Prepare to Party

My birthday is on Monday, so we’re celebrating on Saturday and I’ve been trying to plan something all week. I just cant seem to find the right venue to get myself all liquored up. I’m looking for a certain feel, I kinda want to party like I did in college… the kind of fun that you didn’t mind hurting from for a day or two after the fact… ah to be young again.
Well, I think I found just the party favor to enhance the evenings festivities and I don’t even have to leave the house, check out the Shot Glass USB, not only is it a shotglass, on a lanyard, so it is constantly at the ready and unable to be misplaced, thereby saving valuable drinking time, but it is also a 1 gigabyte USB, not loaded with spreadsheets or pictures of your last boring vacation to Florida… but (wait for it) …one minute drinking songs, with which, you play the Power Hour Drinking Game!

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BreathKey Breathalyzer

Instead of winging it every single time you go out drinking, now you can know for sure whether or not you’re safe to drive.  This tiny gadget will accurately test your blood alcohol level, so you always know exactly where you stand.  It’s only the size of a keychain, so it’d be easy to carry it around with you.  It also would be a great gadget to have around if you’re constantly throwing parties and are worried about the people you send out onto the road.

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Beer Chiller gives cold beer in 90 seconds


It’s Friday yet again and for those that are still stuck at work, you’re probably dreaming of when you finally get to go home.  If in that daydream there’s a nice cold beer waiting for you, you’ll like this contraption.  Instead of jamming your beer in the freezer and risking leaving it in too long, you can have a device that safely makes it cold in no time at all.

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