DIY Classic Desk Lamp

by Edwin

Working at the desk is the calling for many of us, although whether this ‘calling’ is intentional or otherwise, that I shall leave it to you to decide. Needless to say, any decent work desk will need an accompanying lamp, just in case you decide to burn the proverbial midnight oil. Who uses oil lamps anymore these days in a modern air conditioned office? This is where the $39.99 DIY …

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Useless Box Kit

by Edwin

Are redundant gadgets worth looking into? I suppose so, especially in this day and age when our lives are extremely stressful (for those of us who are in high pressure job situations, that is), it makes perfect sense to let go and laugh a whole lot once in a while. Having a gizmo that basically does nothing might sound rather inane to some, but others could realize it to be …

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Orvillecopter is a flying dead cat

by Edwin

Dead men tell no tales, but what about dead cats? Why, some people say that a grieving heart can drive you to do something crazy, and perhaps Dutch artist Bart Jansen had his heart torn into pieces when his pet cat was killed by a car, hence causing him to use the carcass of his cat and turn it into a piece of techno-zombie artwork. A flying cat is what …

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Custom Ice Cream – How ‘Cool’ is That?

by Julie

  I’m sure we are all aware that Fathers Day is looming on the horizon, I’ve started my search for the perfect gift and I may have come up with something a bit better than the requisite tie or cologne that Dad usually gets, its different thats for sure… How about this year, we design, personalize, and send Dad his very own ice cream, Sorbetto or Gelato? eCreamery is offering …

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RJ-45 keychain rack for recycling fans

by Edwin

If you love to go green and perform DIY recycling projects at home, then you might be interested to check out this particular Instructable that will see you breathe new life into old RJ-45 plugs. What you will need would be some network cable, male RJ-45 plugs, colored rubber protectors for the RJ-45 plug, as well as enough key rings to go around. You will need to form the key …

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Giant Optimus Prime statue sees rainbow gush from my mouth

by Edwin

There is just one thing about robots that tend to fascinate mankind – otherwise, how else do you explain the amount of money raked in by the Transformers franchise over three films, despite the fact that the second and third parts were unable to live up to the first movie in terms of storytelling and fleshing out of its characters? Not to mention other robot films and cartoons that had …

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Internal Combustion Engine Kit

by Edwin

Ever wondered how your vehicle’s engine worked, if you are like one of the many millions out there with a standard car? Well, if you are curious enough to find out, there is always a Flash animation somewhere online to discover, but some of us prefer touching the real thing in our hands. The $49.95 Internal Combustion Engine Kit would be able to do the job just right, where it …

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Portal Christmas Tree

by Edwin

Fans of the video game Portal as well as its sequel will definitely be able to jive with this cute looking Christmas tree – especially when one half of it is sinking down into the floor, while the other half cheekily pokes it’s top out from the ceiling. The light effects that comprise of the rings on both the bottom and the top also add to the overall effect, and …

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