The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, played with a Kinect

Last summer at E3, Microsoft announced at they were putting out some very cool games for the Xbox 360 Kinect.
I will leave it up to you to decide whether or not the holiday games for the Kinect are up to par. One of the biggest games on the market for the Xbox 360 is Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and this man that you see in the upper corner of the image has figured out how to link the Kinect with this popular fantasy game.
You can watch a video after the jump, and I will have to say that it gives me hope for a more active video game future. You can see that sword slashes and spells are done with realistic pushes of the hand, but another hand is controlling the camera. Other commands are done with the power of voice.

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A DIY Privacy Monitor I could use in public

The site Instructables generally has some terrific DIY projects that you can try at home, and this one is definitely up there with one of their greatest.
As you can see in the image and the video after the jump, it is essentially making a monitor that only a special set of glasses can see. What Instructables user diimovi did was disassemble a monitor, remove the polarizing film, and then glue a cutout made from this film to a pair of 3D glasses, the types that you get at movie theaters and have to return at the end of the film.
Too bad I don’t really have any electronics that I can try this out on. Occasionally, I like to do work at the library or a coffee shop, and I am a little concerned about the information people might see on my computer.

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Check out this DIY Wrist-mounted crossbow

I always like seeing DIY projects like this, especially if they are weapons. This wrist-mounted crossbow looks like it could do more than a little damage.
Designed by Patrick Priebe, it would have been already been classified as one of our coolest gadgets if he would have just made a wrist-mounted crossbow. Instead, the creator took it a step further and gave it a laser sight.
You can watch the video after the jump to see it hit some balloons, light bulbs, soda cans, and other targets. You will note how accurate that it is, and you can see how it is powered by two AA batteries.

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First man-made electric helicopter constructed by Frenchmen

A while ago, I remember covering an inspirational story about a Chinese man who builds his own helicopter. I am just as inspired by Pascal Chretien, a French man who has created the first fully electric helicopter.
Mr. Chretien does not work for any big company, he is an electronics and aerospace engineer who practically built this craft single-handed. Considering that the big helicopter company Sikorsky has been trying to perfect their own electric helicopter known as the Firefly for years, Mr. Chretien’s accomplishment is quite impressive.
Yes, Chretien’s flew only three feet off the ground for two minutes and 10 seconds. Like most great feats of aviation, giant steps are often small ones. Think about the Wright Brothers’s 100-foot flight.

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MIT Student creates his own grappling-hook gun

< ![CDATA[Grappling hook guns. From Batman to Rorschach from Watchmen, everybody wants them, but nobody really makes them. Unless there is some sort of spy company that actually makes them. Sort of like Q did for James Bond.
An MIT mechanical engineering student has essentially given the world what it wants as he has created a full-functioning grappling hook gun.
You can see a video of it after the jump, and it is made with some ordinary parts like a chemical fire extinguisher, copper pipe, hose clamps, blowgun, a 20 ounce CO2 canister, and it is mounted on NERF N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS 35.

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A Car Seat Rocker, courtesy of Ben Heck with Android ADK!

I’m sure that most of our readers are familiar with Ben Heck. If not, he is an online celebrity who is most famous for his mods, usually for video games.
Ben Heck recently took a request from a viewer to make a seat that will help rock his child to sleep. It will simulate the ride of a carseat in a car. Sometimes this helps a little one fall asleep, and I know this from experience.
Ben used the Google ADK (Accessory Development Kit) in order to take advantage of the built-in accelerometer to record the motions that the car goes through while it is driving. As user drives, the phone collects the code, and this data collected gets fed into the Android ADK. Ben tried this out on a scale model of a seat, but not a live one. You can click on the Source to see a video of it in action.

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Portal 2's robot ball Wheatley comes to life as a complex puppet

I have played the Portal video game before, but I haven’t tried out Portal 2 as yet. I have heard that it has some interesting robots that look just darling. One of them is Wheatley, a robot ball that is quite animated, and it has now come to life by username TRP-Chan.
I have a video of it after the jump if you want to see it in action, and I highly recommend that you do. Even though it is limited to a lap, this Wheatley is quite lively.
The puppeteer also does an amazing job of working out all the expressions on this little guy. Actually he isn’t little, but 12 inches across. There is a hole in back, and there are wires snaking all through the Wheatley ball to make it move.

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