Romanian teenager advances self-driving car idea

by Edwin

Ionut Budisteanu of Romania certainly does seem to have a pretty bright future ahead of him, especially after he picked up the top prize at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, which so happens to be the largest high school science research competition in the world. This would mean that Ionut Budisteanu managed to earn the Gordon E. Moore Award, in addition to a $75,000 prize that was named …

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DIY USB Flash Drive Heroes

by Edwin

Depending on whether you have a penchant for the Kung Fu Master or the Queen’s Guard, either way, both of them are heroes in the sight of some. We are referring to the £19.99 DIY USB Flash Drive Heroes, where you will be able to choose from a couple of the greatest warriors ever to walk the Earth – at least within their respective courtyards, of course. It does not …

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DIY Paper USS Enterprise 1701 Kit

by Edwin

Being involved in galactic travel is definitely an expensive process and massive undertaking for any country, let alone corporation. Of course, we have fictional companies like the Weyland Corporation or the Umbrella Corporation that seem to have bottomless reserves of money to fund their activities, but here we are presented with a far more affordable way of space travel – using your imagination only, of course. I am referring to …

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Lego creation launches paper planes

by Edwin

Before there was Minecraft, there is Lego, and one cannot deny the fact that Lego has done plenty to kick start the imagination of many a young kid. The thing is, while Minecraft has more or less garnered a loyal following on the computer as well as on the Xbox 360 in addition to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the physical and spiritual predecessor from Denmark, Lego, is still …

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Toa Mata Band is the first LEGO band ever

by Edwin

The power of imagination certainly has no boundaries. When you give a kid a box of Lego bricks, leave him or her alone, and after some time, you would most probably end up with something totally new and never thought of before. Recently, I saw an ad that went somewhere along the lines of “boys will never grow old of their toys”, but rather, they just change them. Italian music …

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Electric Stun Sword is certainly one menacing weapon

by Edwin

Which would you prefer to be on the receiving end of? The razor sharp edge of the sword, or being tased to the ground, having jolts of electricity course through your body as though you were wrecked by Force Lightning by Emperor Palpatine? Well, come to think of it, isn’t being hit by a lightsaber somewhat a similar feeling like the Electric Stun Sword? After all, it cuts through just …

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Man builds own Oreo Separator

by Edwin

I don’t know about you, but I am an absolute sucker for Oreos. After all, I find it really difficult to resist the cream filling of each Oreo cookie, and all willpower just wilts when faced with a roll of Oreos and a glass of cold milk, as the twist and dunk combo is definitely one of my favorite comfort foods. Well, artist and inventor David Neevel must be one …

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X-Wing Coffee Table

by Edwin

Is this the ultimate nerd coffee table or what? Barry Shields has spent a good chunk of his time to get fanboys of Star Wars, especially of the X-Wing starfighter, to construct a coffee table that is functional, timeless and beautiful. Taking nearly half a year to carve it out from scratch to its finish, you can be sure that this is one sturdy coffee table, but we warned – …

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