Lego Mindstorms NXT Robot solves Rubik’s Cube

How do you make a Lego Mindstorms robotic kit solve puzzles independently, without the need of an aid computer? Just ask Hans Andersson, the designer behind the Tilted Twister, an autonomous robot which was made using nothing but pieces from the Lego Mindstorms NXT kit.

A set of ultrasonic sensors detect when you place the Rubik’s Cube on the Tilted Twister. The Lego bot can then calculate the moves needed for a solution and executes the proper movement. And the coolest thing about it all? It does this all on its lonesome.

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The Russian steampunk mouse

Steampunk is one of those trends that makes me extremely sorry that I haven’t the slightest bit of crafting skills to make my own steampunk gadgets.  Purely because steampunk is usually very expensive, so unless you can make your own most of us will never get our hands on any of our own.  This one was created by a Russian modder who posted his project in a forum for us all to drool over.  He’s nice like that.  He even crafted a box to display it in.  He doesn’t give a single bit of fun details on how long it took or what he used.

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Casio keyboard controlled table hockey is insane, awesome

Go ahead. Try as you might. But there is a huge shade of skepticism now pulled over our eyes that you or anyone else could ever create a table hockey table cooler than this one. Come on! We dare you! Yeah, we just really want to see some awesome table hockey tables.

Straight from the mind of Graeme Patterson, the Hockey Organ has got to be the coolest used of a synth mod that we have ever seen. Using a Casio SK1 keyboard and a host of video cameras, each hockey player is controlled via a key on the keyboard (A=goalie, C#=right winger, so on and so forth).

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Doctor Who Parties Like It’s 1859 With Steampunk Dalek

EX-TER-MIN-ATE! If you’ve never watched Dr. Who we apologize for the missed reference, but allow us to give you some background information. The Dalek race is a fictional organism from the popular British sci-fi show which feature a tough tank-like mechanical shell and a tendency to vie for domination of the universe with a piercing electronic scream.

The Dalek’s are quite the celebrity in the UK and internationally among the sci-fi community, even appearing on a postage stamp in 1999. Though the Dalek has become a symbol of British pop culture, we had yet seen a Dalek piece quite like this. Designed by Alex Holden, the Steampunk Dalek is a scaled model of one of the Dalek lifeforms, and is a planned entry to The Great Crystal Cyberdome Exhibition at Orbital 2008 in London.

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Replace Your Own iPhone Battery For Less Than $8

Phone batteries have to be replaced every so often, since they give out much like any other piece of hardware. The problem is that with the iPhone, the battery casing is non-removable. This means in order to replace the battery on your iPhone, you have to send your device to Apple and have them do it for you.

Not only is this a real pain in the butt, having to wait to have them send your phone back intact is stressful. And don’t forget that Apple charges around $90 for a replacement battery. If you’re feeling a mixture of frugality and daring, you can attempt to replace the iPhone battery yourself, with this $7.29 Replacement Kit.

Even shipping is free with the iPhone Replacement Kit! The package comes with everything you need for replacing your iPhone’s battery from home, including a screwdriver, a case opener, and the iPhone compatible 3.7V 1400mAh Li-Polymer battery.

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Microwave PC Case Mod

Microwaves are truly an awesome appliance. You could call them the epitome of the bachelor gadget, since so many unmarried men seem to rely on the device for all of their meals. We can’t say we’ve ever thought of using a microwave like this.

This excellent PC case mod makes your computer look like a stock-model microwave, complete with a cheap LED layout and a horizontally opening door. The window on the microwave has been ingeniously modded to act as the computer’s display, not to mention the microwave-themed desktop wallpaper.

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Giant Fabric Keyboard

Computer peripherals continue to get smaller and smaller. These days, the mouse would be better apt called the mouse embryo. And it doesn’t stop there. Keyboards are becoming more compact as well. Eventually, we might have to start fearing for those among us who have larger hands.

The Giant Fabric Keyboard seems like a perfect protest for the evolution of shrinking peripherals. This keyboard is living large, and it’s not afraid to strut its stuff. Flickr user Maurin has a great new set of photos up which shows how the Giant Fabric Keyboard was created.

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NES Controller Coffee Table

NES Controller Coffee Table

As you know, Coolest Gadgets has several categories for its subject matter. Even though I flagged this article under “DIY Gadgets” and “Gaming Gadgets”, I should have categorized it as “I just couldn’t resist reporting on this”.

I’m sure you can see why from the photo. For young inventor Kyle Downes (not the person in the photo) has actually perfected shrink-ray technology, and has reversed the process to create a giant NES controller.

Just kidding. Mr. Downes may be smart, but he’s not that smart. He has fashioned a cool coffee table that is shaped like an old-school NES controller. I’m sure we would all have to agree that the boy’s got skills.

Not only does the coffee table look like an NES, you can play it like an NES. That’s right, feel free to plug in Super Mario Brothers or Battletoads and have a big-button frenzy.

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