How to make the Apple Logo on a MacBook into an LCD Screen

You have to admire the people who make laptops. Every time you use one, you prominently display the logo of the laptop maker every time you use it. So every time I am using my laptop at a coffee shop or library, I am a sitting advertisement for Toshiba!

MacBooks may not have the word “Apple” written on them, but that picture of the fruit with a bite taken out of it is probably better than any company name. In today’s society, images are more powerful than words.

Designer Eddie Zarick has found a way to put that Apple logo on the front of a MacBook to good use by figuring out how to make the logo into an LCD screen. This is a total DIY project, but he has posted instructions for any DIYer on his Ed’s Junk site.

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Washing Machine project lets it Twitter when finished

Everyone has dealt with those days where you’re running around and doing other things so much that you forget all about the load of laundry you put into the washer or dryer.  Then you come back and they’re either overly wrinkly or mildewed.  Now luckily dryers do have buzzers, however, if you have a house where the washer and dryer are away from the main living area, then that’s really not helpful.  Frankly, leaving your laundry to sit might be a rare occurrence, or one that happens every single time you do a load of laundry.  Either way, someone has decided to create a hi-tech fix that will work on even the most archaic dryer.

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The Black & Decker Ll4000 3.6-Volt Lithium-Ion SmartDriver

The older we get, the less coordinated we’re going to be.  Eventually our hands will likely shake and it’ll be difficult to do certain tasks.  Frankly, I already am overly clumsy and lack coordination at times.  Well if you’re either just clumsy or getting up there in years, but still want a way to be independent with your DIY projects, this is the way to go.  Magnetic screwdrivers are always incredibly helpful, well this SmartDriver takes things one step further.

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Wearable Toy Piano Shirt

This next device is currently not available at any particular catalog or website, but it really should be. After all, ThinkGeek is already offering the Electric Drum Kit Shirt, so why not one that is a Piano?

The DIY Wearable Toy Piano shirt is designed for a DIY Festival that was held in Zurich last weekend. You can go to the Instructables site for some step-by-step instructions on how to make this homemade gift.

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The Hand Grenade Mouse Mod

If you’ve been feeling like your computer setup isn’t nearly intimidating enough, a hand grenade would probably be more than enough to make it seem more intense.  After all that online gaming, you need to feel all powerful behind your computer.  A wicked looking case and a glowing keyboard aren’t always enough.  Although, gaming mouses do have all those fancy extra buttons, they just aren’t nearly cool enough.  No, the world needs hand grenade mouses for all.

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The SNES Controller that is 40in long and works

If you’re tired of using your Wii to get a workout, you might try something a bit bigger.  This SNES controller is fully functioning and 40in long.  Which means you’re going to have to work a little harder to get through all of your favorite classic games.  Having to reach that far across and effectively press down on the buttons would probably prove to be more challenging.  If you look closely you can see the normal sized SNES lying on the enlarged version.  Which only makes this giant reproduction look even bigger.

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NASA Papercraft

NASA has an awesome section on their website made for “kids”. I’d like to think that what they meant to say is “kids at heart”, just so I can justify why I love it so damn much. They have some really cool goodies and even some awesome modeling work for us gadgeteers.

When I came across these papercraft models of NASA spacecraft, I thought to myself “Where the heck have I been living, and why haven’t I given this a go yet?” These free papercraft models can be downloaded in PDF form and printed out right from home. The images on the NASA site lead us to believe that these models are actually pretty accurate.

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