Steampunk Mouse uses a sheep skull


There is steampunk and then there is the spooky morbid form of steampunk.  This would be the morbid kind, obviously.  Despite that it is truly morbid and somewhat wrong, you have to admit that they did a great job with this mouse and it’s most definitely a very original mouse.  Somehow I doubt you’ll ever run into one like it.  This skull mouse is also bound to turn heads, of course it might then scare off the people that happen to see it.

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Chinese Man Makes his own Helicopter

chinese-farmer-wooden-helicopter-thumb-550x355-21956I realize that normally we devote our articles to products you can actually buy, but the story behind this man’s helicopter is flat-out amazing and inspirational to us all.

Wu Zhongyuan is a 20 year old farmer who, ever since he was a child, dreamed of not needing to climb mountains anymore. It would appear that he found his remedy by creating his own flying machine. Wu used principles that he learned in middle-school physics and other relevant knowledge by surfing the Internet on a mobile phone to create this helicopter.

The blades are made from Elm tree wood, and a motorcycle engine provides the power. The frame is reinforced with steel pipes, and he claims that his single-seat copter can fly up to 2,600 feet! Believe it or not, he assembled this DIY helicopter for just $1,600.

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SodaStream Soda Maker kits save pop fans on soft drinks

With the SodaStream Soda Kit, soft drink fans can save 75% by making their own Pop.
With the SodaStream Soda Kit, soft drink fans can save 75% by making their own Pop.

If you knew anything about me, you’d know that I should probably have stock in Coca Cola since I drink so much of the stuff. I know, I know, worst thing for me. But it’s the one vice I allow myself. Considering a can of Diet Coke can run you over a buck these days, the cost can not only add up, but it’s one of the largest profit margins there is in the snack world next to popcorn. So, how can you lower your costs and still get your soda pop fix? Look no further than SodaStream.

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DIY Eco Speakers allow you to decorate and customize


There are some that are willing to pay hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to get the top of the line sound and the quality looks that go along with it.  Which for them is fun, but not everyone needs that kind of a set up.  Instead, it’s entirely possible to go extremely minimal with your speakers.  You can now purchase a kit to create your very own DIY speakers.  What makes them even better is that they’re eco-friendly.

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Rotary phone turned into desk lamp


One thing I’ve always preferred is to own an older retro looking phone.  However, I’m not so fond of actually using one as my main phone, since I like being able to move throughout the house without having a cord to deal with.  Which makes it a little pointless to even bother owning an older phone.  If you’re into the retro technology though, here’s a great idea on how to utilize that old phone.  This way it finds a new use and you don’t have to deal with a corded phone.

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Steampunk Light Switch Plates to geek up your home


I have the tendency to strongly dislike novelty switch plates.  They usually are ridiculously cheesy and don’t blend in with the room at all.  The only alteration in a switch plate I usually appreciate is when they are a slightly different shade so that they blend in with the room even better.  I honestly don’t even like the wooden ones, so the fact that I like these switch plates is a little surprising.  However, I can’t help but appreciate the geek appeal and that even in a non-geeky room it’d add almost an antique look.

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The Truth Wristband Kit

truthwDo you remember the scene from Meet the Parents when Robert De Niro has Ben Stiller connected to a lie detector? In all honesty, I don’t see how you could not. After all, it was on the poster. I remember a certain line from that scene where De Niro tells Stiller: “You’d be quite surprised at how reliable [lie detectors] are”.

I always wondered how true that is, and if we really have perfected lie detecting technology. If so, why not just wear a lie detector on our wrist? This is the concept behind the Truth Wristband.

The Truth Wristband measures the user’s galvanic response to a question, and will go from blue to red which will reveal if the user is telling the truth.

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