Guppie is one tool to rule them all

We have reported on the Lil Guppie before, and I suppose that this is the next step up, the Guppie. Actually, I think that this Guppie is the same as the Lil Guppie, just like Lil Bow Wow is the same as Bow Wow. (Oh, why do those young rappers put Lil in front of their names? Don’t they know that they will grow out of the Lil?)

This Guppie is one tool that I would have in my pocket, possibly the only one. The Guppie has an adjustable wrench with the crescent wrench adjuster worm gear. It also has a flip-out knife, and an LED flashlight, but I don’t see it in my picture. Did I mention the beer bottle opener? It’s got one, and I’m guessing its by its weird flip-up handle.

It also has a screwdriver with some magnetic heads, and the user can add his or her own.

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Arduino Weather Clock keeps you informed on weather


Basically all of the weather machines out there have zero personality.  They have their fancy screens to give you all of your weather alerts and your important weather information.  However, most of them lack personality.  Well this homemade job is packed full of personality.  It may not warn you about severe weather, but it will let you know what to expect before you step outdoors.

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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bed

millennium_falconWe’ve reported on many Star Wars products on this blog, and I guess we are obligated to report on this one. No, just kidding. I love reporting on Star Wars stuff, and this one is a Geek’s dream.

I mean, look at it, it is a bed shaped like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. And there is a lady dressed as Princess Leia, for crying out loud. The only thing that would make this dream better is if she was wearing the metal bikini outfit from Jabba’s Palace in Return of the Jedi.

As it is, the Princess is dressed in her modest Hoth outfit. My source says that this bed is created by Kayla Kromer, and I can only assume that this is her lying on it.

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Make Your Gloves Touchscreen Friendly With Special Thread


We’ve all seen the various sets of gloves that promise to allow us to use our iPhone or iPod Touch while still keeping our hands warm.  The problem is some of them are a little pricey.  Plus if you already have a perfectly good pair of gloves you might not want to replace them with a different pair.  Instead of buying that new pair of gloves there’s an easy solution so that your current gloves will work with a touchscreen.

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The Sega Mega Drive gets turned into iPod dock


Old gaming consoles don’t work the greatest after being used over and over again.  Once it’s worn out beyond repair, you’re left with the decision to toss it or cling to it for some kind of a project.  Most gamers that are attached to the console would prefer to find a way to cherish the memories and keep the console around.  However, if you can’t come up with a good idea for it, it just ends up collecting dust in the closet.  Well if you own a Sega Mega Drive, here’s one idea to get some more use out of the old console.

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GPS Puzzle Box makes you follow directions before it opens


Now that gas prices are so high and so many are finding themselves a bit more broke than they anticipated.  Why not create a puzzle box that opens only at a very specific mystery location?  No, it won’t just tell you to turn left on Main St, it makes things difficult for you.  Leaving you to drive and walk endlessly until you finally figure out where this GPS box will open up for you.

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Steampunk Arcade Machine gets a horror movie theme


There is never a shortage of various forms of arcade machines.  Usually they are fairly simple in design, but this one is far from simple.  Instead this horror movie lover took his inspiration from the classic horror movies.  That in turn gives this arcade machine a steampunk look that most people could appreciate year round.  Even if it does have a design that some would only consider appropriate right around Halloween.

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Two MIT students capture images of Earth from space for under $150

space-camera_610x457See that picture to the left? Beautiful, isn’t it? Believe it or not, it wasn’t shot by a million-dollar satellite, but a simple handheld camera by two M.I.T. students who haven’t been to space, yet.

Justin Lee and Oliver Yeh didn’t have Dennis Tito’s $20 million dollars to go into orbit, but what they did have was a weather balloon, a styrofoam cooler, hand warmers, a GPS enabled phone, and a Canon A470 point and shoot camera.

They cut a hole in the bottom of the cooler, and positioned the camera inside. They put the hand warmers and GPS-enabled phone inside, so it would not freeze in the upper atmosphere. They tied the contraption to their weather balloon, and the rest is DIY history.

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Tube Clock Kit lets you build it yourself


There’s never a shortage of odd clocks on the internet.  Yet, how many of those can you have a hand in the constructing process?  Well this Ice Tube Clock gives you the opportunity to have a lot more involvement in the process of creating the clock.  Instead of putting in your order and getting a shiny new clock all put together.  You’ll pay money to order a clock you have to put together yourself.  Which might appeal to those of you that like to learn what makes your clock work.

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Flatbed Scanner disguised as book


Gadgets typically look like, well, gadgets.  They look shiny, new and a combination of plastic and metal.  Being someone that not only adores old looking technology (almost antique in appearance), but your older than average books as well, sometimes I get tired of the same old technology day in and day out.  Well apparently I’m not the only one, because one person decided that their scanner needed to blend in a little more properly within their home.  Now that they finished their mod, it just appears that they always have the same old book laying out on their desk.

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