Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

Golf carts are fun, but they just look so puny.  Instead of riding around in some incredibly slow and fragile looking golf cart, you need this Batman inspired golf cart.  Sure, it’s not going to be able to do nearly as many tricks as the tumbler in the Batman movies, but at least you’ll get to look cool while cruising around at the high speed of 15 miles an hour.

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Build Your Own Roller Coaster, COOOOLLLL!

Roller Coaster Kit

This has got to be the coolest kit out there, make your own fully functioning roller coaster, I don’t know what father would not want one of these for upcoming fathers day (if my daughters reading this then please start saving)

It includes the classic roller coaster loop and for added realism the shoulder restraints automatically move up and down at the operating station. The included software lets you ride the coaster from any seat position and also provides true coaster geeks with a much needed real0time G-Force information.

You can build you own roller coaster for $159.99 from Think Geek. To get a better idea of how cool it is check out the video after the jump

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LuminAR robotic lamp designed by MIT student

Most college dormitories come with a standard lamp that is good for…light, really. These lamps are usually cheaply made to give the college student the minimum of what they need.

If you are MIT student Nathan Linder, you turn your lamp into the LuminAR robotic lamp, which does something more than just shine a light.

Linder attached a pico-projector to his lamp, so he could have a way to project information from his computer. You have to watch the video to see this in action, after the jump.

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Coffee Cup Sphere Lamp

If you’re a coffee addict, then you’ve gone through your fair shar of disposable coffee cups.  Now instead of trashing them constantly and contributing to the local dump’s size, you can use those cups to add a little bit of lighting in your home.  Then after the project is finished you’ll have a very modern looking disco ball.  To get one you’ll just have to follow the Instructables tutorial and make your own.

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Victorian Organ Command Desk

As far as desk set ups go this has to be the ultimate this world has to offer.  It took a serious amount of work to be created, but the end result appears well worth it.  After finishing it, I doubt you’d want to tuck it away in an office where it’s rarely viewed by guests.  This very large desk has been redone from an old Victorian organ and had quite a bit of new technology installed onto it.

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Desktop Ballbot can keep its balance

I don’t really have a good sense of balance, as I know from playing on the WiiFit Balance Board. I don’t think that I could stand on a ball for too long, but this Ballbot, as it is called, seems to do a very good job of it.

Apparently, there was a larger version of this robot made a while ago, but this one is designed to be on the desktop, kind of like a toy. You can see a video of it after the jump.

As you can see, this guy can sit on an ordinary ball with treaded wheels that can somehow keep its balance. This DIY contraption has a tiny joystick of a controller that allows its user to steer it in certain directions, and pushing lightly on the ballbot doesn’t seem to be knocking it off balance any.

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DIY hack of Mindflex has shocking implications

I just got finished reporting about a pinball machine that you can control with your mind at CeBIT, and that, in my opinion, is a good use for brain-interface technology. Now, you are about to see a bad one.

This DIY gadget uses a MindFlex, a device that we have reported on before. It is a toy created by Mattel that allows the user/player to control the height of a ball via brainwave interface and “levitate” it through an obstacle course.

The video that you see after the jump is of someone who rigs the Mattel Mindflex to a battery. The object of his new device is to achieve a state of total relaxation. If the player/victim concentrates, even if it is on not concentrating, they will experience an electric shock.

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