Laptop Controlled Drifter

Laptop Controlled Drifter
This RC car is a laptop controlled drifter project created by Chris over at PyroElectro. The aim of the project was to make an ordinary RC car have the ability to be controlled by a laptop. By using the laptop and a small box attached to a COM port, full control of the car is made possible and of course, automated control is also available too. By using Windows scripting, commands can be sent to the remote control device at the end of the COM port which in turn, sends those signals to the RC car. The car it’s self is untouched and standard.

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DIY project helps you fight back against Big Brother


These days it seems that Big Brother is everywhere, watching you. In places like the UK there are public surveillance cameras all over the place. Aside from covering your head completely, there is little one can do to stay “off the radar” in these areas. That, or with a little bit of effort and know-how you can assemble a small device that will prevent your face from being seen on any video cameras.

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