Check out this DIY Wrist-mounted crossbow

I always like seeing DIY projects like this, especially if they are weapons. This wrist-mounted crossbow looks like it could do more than a little damage.
Designed by Patrick Priebe, it would have been already been classified as one of our coolest gadgets if he would have just made a wrist-mounted crossbow. Instead, the creator took it a step further and gave it a laser sight.
You can watch the video after the jump to see it hit some balloons, light bulbs, soda cans, and other targets. You will note how accurate that it is, and you can see how it is powered by two AA batteries.

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Dave Forbes' LED-TV Lab coat set for Burning Man

I’ve seen attempts at mixing displays with clothing before, and they usually end up being a stiff screen on loose clothing.
Yeah, it isn’t really a good fit, but Dave Forbes has created a 160 x 120 LED video coat that somehow plays video all over. You can watch a video of it after the jump, and you can see how it works.
You can see that it is pretty DIY, and is essentially circuit boards and LED flex boards hot glued to a lab coat material. The video feed stems from the iPod, and you can see that there are knobs for adjusting the color, brightness, and even a way of toggling it to black and white.
Dave Forbes plans on wearing this coat at Burning Man in the summer. He will have to change the batteries every hour or so, though.

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DIY Guitar Pick Punch

Talented musicians can be quite the eccentric lot – and sometimes, they just want things done their own way, never mind that the average man on the street might deem it strange. Well, take guitarists for example – some of them might want to have their very own picks to pluck strings with, so what … Read more

DIY Modder makes ammo counter for weapons

This is an ammo counter that was built by a DIY modder named Michael Ciuffo.
As you can see, it resembles those ammo counters that you see in a lot of FPS games. Some of you might remember that Ripley had a digital one on her futuristic rifle in Aliens.
The gun can be used on a lot of different weapons. I wish that I had a list of armaments that it accommodates, but it has to do with an accelerometer to detect recoil from the gun.

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Check out the Lunchtime Lengthening Clock

You don’t have to work for the “man” long to know how slow the clock moves during worktime, and how fast it goes during lunch.
Fortunately, this Lunchtime clock is designed to speed up twenty percent at 11 AM and then slows down twenty percent at 11:48, which adds 12 precious minutes to lunch.
This will allow for an extra hour worth of lunch for the whole week. Not only that , it will be back in sync in 1:00 PM real time when the 1:12 PM lunchbreak ends.

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See this Arduino-based ArduSpider robot toy!

I believe that what you are seeing here is a product of something that Jose Julio’s daughter said to him: “Dad, can you build a robot for me?”
Man, if my daughter asked me that, I would try to deliver as much as I could. Still, I could never make a product of this quality. Granted, the ArduSpider has a certain DIY quality, but mine would probably be made of Lego and would require an instruction booklet.
It would also have been poorly assembled, but this Arduino-based ArduSpider robot looks better than the Anti-Gravity WebRunner toy that we reported about a while ago. Check out the video after the jump.

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DIY Pinball Coffee Table

Now this is a DIY project worth investing your time in.  Coffee tables are typically dull, but are very useful as a place to hold your beverages as well as use as footrest from time to time.  What if you could have the best of both worlds?  Instead of having the usual dull coffee table, make yourself a pinball machine stashed inside of a coffee table.  Never again will you be stuck watching commercials with that bored expression on your face, now you can pass the time with a few rounds of pinball.

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Mr. Potato Head gets a steampunk makeover

I’m fairly sure that it was absolutely impossible to grow up and not have a small amount of love for Mr. Potato Head.  After all, you get to rip out all of his features and change his expressions.  Then if you’re feeling extra mischievous you could give him a quick sex change and turn him into Mrs. Potato Head.  If you still get a little mushy over Mr. Potato Head and love steampunk items, then this is one tutorial you shouldn’t pass up.

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