Digital Picture Frame

Technology enabled us to make pictures look better and technology also enables us to show off our pics. Digital picture frames have become a standard for people to display their own snapshots or provide updated images for relatives and friends.


Quartz smart photo frame from Aura

by Edwin

Many of us make use of our smartphones in order to capture pleasant memories in everyday life, not forgetting the various kinds of food that we partake in hipster cafes and other quaint restaurants. All of this photo taking would eventually require one to stash up their digital memories somewhere, where archiving it properly is going to be a painstaking task. However, not too many people are keen on printing out those digital images for keepsake elsewhere, which is why Aura Frames’ latest addition, the Quartz smart digital picture frame, is here to help you share all of those wonderfully snapped digital memories with only those whom you would like have them see, giving you a hedge of privacy according to your terms.

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Pix-Star delivers FotoConnect XD Wi-Fi enabled digital picture frame

by Edwin

pixstar-fotoconnectI would like to say that digital photo frames happen to be a niche product that has not really caught on, making it a niche product just like that of a pico projector. However, this does not mean that it is a dead market, as the likes of Pix-Star who has been in the game for some time already is back with the FotoConnect XD Wi-Fi enabled digital picture frame. This spanking new 15 inch device will be a whole lot more than just a normal frame, as it will arrive with a slew of useful and unique features which will make it a “life companion”. In fact, those who are interested can already place an order for it on Amazon.

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Nixplay wants you to enjoy a cloud-based digital frame experience

by Edwin

nixplayI remember a few years ago, the digital photo frame proved to be quite a novelty – after all, this means there is no need to actually print out a photo that you like and frame it up, only to change it from time to time – and after a while, it might even get rather tedious. Having said that, a digital photo frame makes it a snap to have a slew of images shown in a row, since it would read all of the images from a memory card. As to how many photos are shown there, it remains to be seen. Nixplay, a name that is synonymous with high-definition WiFi cloud photo frames, intends to introduce a couple of cloud-based digital frames, namely the nixplay Edge 8” and 13” WiFi Cloud Frames.

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MeCam HD allows you to document life on the move

by Edwin

mecam-dragonYou know how it goes – life seems to be all too fleeting whenever you are having a good time, and when the bitter times arrive, it could end up feeling as though time has stopped, or is moving ever too slowly. Well, a certain Drew Martin thinks that there is a solution when it comes to documenting those fun moments in life without you having to actually make an effort and tape a video recorder to your forehead all the time. This is thanks to the MeCam, where it is touted to be a proprietary, mini hands-free wearable video camera. However, just like how all things end up being obsolete after a while, the MeCam, too, might have actually outlived its usefulness. This is why there is an improvement made to the MeCam, where the second generation is now known as the MeCam HD.

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LG Display sets another world record with 55″ Public Display Panel

by Edwin

When it comes to world records, some companies do chase after them in an effort to gain recognition. I would not classify LG Display as one of them, although it does not hurt that on occasion, LG Display does include a fair number of improvements to their releases that do take the cake at the top of the world. Case in point, their latest 55″ Public Display Panel that is also said to boast of the world’s narrowest bezel.

Just how narrow is it? You might want to take a seat first before getting the dimensions. This new public display panel will feature just a 5.3 mm gap (left/right: 3.4 mm, top/bottom: 1.9 mm) right between individual panels whenever they are placed alongside one another. Sounds like a dream, no? This would definitely provide advertising companies and firms who want to promote their stuff to put on display a generous 165″ multi-screen public display. At that kind of size, your eyes will catch seamless, life-like images without irritatingly fat bezel lines. I suspect that CES 2012 will have its fair share of such a setup, starting with the LG booth itself.

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Pix-Star digital picture frame

by Edwin

Pix-Star is back with a spanking new digital picture frame for the masses, and just before you ask where were you all this while as you never heard of the name “Pix-Star” before, bear in mind that they pioneered the concept of “the frame with an email address”. They’re back with a spanking new model, which is the Pix-Star FotoConnect HD (PXT510WR02) – being the latest member of the Pix-Star FotoConnect family. It will sport a relatively large high-resolution 10.4″ LED LCD display with a 4:3 ratio, so forget about watching those widescreen movies on this.

This particular model will sport an 800 x 600 resolution, and as mentioned, the 4:3 aspect ratio isn’t good for movies, but it is perfect for digital camera photos – which was what it was created for in the first place anyways.

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The Mini – Might get Someone to Use their Digital Picture Frame

by Julie

I don’t even like to cover digital frames anymore, I mean, everyone has one, and everyone has given at least two as a gift. I know I have, and three birthdays later, my mother in law is still begging me to set hers up, it seems like the people that would actually enjoy using a digital frame, are the least likely to be able to set it up easily…

Luckily, digital photo frame manufacturer Isabella Products, has launched a new product, the Isabella Mini.  This USB dongle makes regular digital frames and TVs wireless, and it’s users will be able to receive emailed photos direct to their screens from their contacts. Photos can be sent to the Mini from a phone (email or MMS), Internet, PC or even from online galleries like Photobucket. Continue reading » The Mini – Might get Someone to Use their Digital Picture Frame

Chumby Gets an Update – He’s Back and Better Than Ever

by Julie

We have certainly told you about Chumby before, and while I am a huge fan of what I have called a glorified alarm clock, it has always come up a bit short of spectacular. It’s a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong, but it could have been great. It just fell short of utilizing what it seemed like it had the capabilities of doing all along.

Well, it’s time to meet the Chumby 8, who is faster, bigger, stronger and does everything you wondered why your old Chumby didn’t! Of course you still get all of the same great Chumby content and features offered in past Chumby models with a whole bunch of new features, including an internet browser, easier setup, ready to play channels, free subscriptions, cool upload features, a scheduling service, videos and apps, new music sources including Napster and, wait for it… the battery back-up it needed all along! Continue reading » Chumby Gets an Update – He’s Back and Better Than Ever

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