The dokiWatch is a smartwatch for kids that’s actually useful


If you’ve never taken care of a child or puppy, which is essentially the same thing, it’s a pretty terrifying experience. They get into everything, put all nearest objects in their mouth, and unknowingly attempt suicide every five minutes because they just don’t know what anything is. While you can train a puppy as they grow up, the same is not so easily done for kids. Human intelligence makes them crafty, sneaky, and much more prone to danger. That being said, we want to keep watch on the little boogers and make sure they’re not getting into too much trouble.

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Garmin announces vívoactive HR GPS smartwatch

vivoactiveHRWhile Garmin is well known for their range of GPS-enabled devices, this does not mean that they should just keep to their regular line of navigational tools that help you get from one point to another. No sir, there should be innovation always to push them forward, and rather than sit and rest on their laurels, the folks over at Garmin have decided to take the plunge into the smartwatch market, except that with Garmin’s expertise in GPS technology, you can be sure that their vívoactive HR GPS smartwatch will be different from the other models out there in the market.

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The Ruggie makes you wake up and put two feet on the floor

It’s a good thing that we wake up from every night of sleep refreshed and ready to face the day’s tasks, right? That is indeed a load of crap, and the snooze button on our alarm is usually hit more times in one morning than we hit the gym in a week. While it’s hard to wake up, sometimes all you need is to separate yourself from your warm spot under the covers.

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Haier does SOS connected watches for the young and elderly

haier-sos-watchJust about anyone and everyone wears a watch, or at least has one, never mind that he or she does not wear it simply because the clock on most of our mobile devices, smartphones especially, already perform the function of telling the time. Haier intends to help move people closer to the timepiece revolution, where they being a global leader in consumer electronics and appliances, have decided to introduce a new range of connected watches that have been specially designed for children and senior citizens – revealing them at the recently concluded CES 2016.

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Samsung Gear S2 gets an update

gear-s2-updatedWhen you were growing up, all that you saw in glossy magazine covers were images of successful men and women, and they happened to be dressed immaculately as well, with nary a strand of hair out of place. Well, most of the time they also wore watches that say who they are, and the names are notable luxury brands ranging from Rolex to Piaget and the like. Well, times have definitely changed since then, and a watch is a whole lot more than a time telling device, as evident by the advent of the smartwatch with the Samsung Gear S2 being released late last year. Well, the folks over at Samsung intend to make the Samsung Gear S2 better with several updates of their own.

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Casio introduces new S Series Heathered Collection

casio-g-shock-womenTelling the time used to be something that everyone did with a wristwatch – although times have changed a whole lot, so much so that many people these days apparently prefer to make use of their smartphones or tablets to get the job done. Does this mean that watches are out of vogue, and are worn only during special events? Not really, and a name that has long been associated with tough timepieces (the G-Shock series, anyone?) is back – with Casio introducing their spanking new S Series Heathered Collection which will also function as the perfect accessory to jump start your health and fitness New Year’s resolutions.

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The Sandman Clock is ready to rock and roll

sandman-clockI am quite sure that many of us are familiar with the advice of not having to reinvent the wheel. After all, if the wheel has served its purpose just fine for the past hundreds, or even thousands of years, why tinker with a winning formula? Sure, there are the crazy expensive run flat tires, and here we are with a different take on the humble alarm clock – something that many of us have relegated to a mere app on our smartphones and tablets these days. Palo Alto Innovation, an elite group of designers, engineers, and businessmen who happen to have a great love for gadgets, have recently announced the launch of The Sandman Clock.

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Clapperboard Digital Alarm Clock – all the world’s a stage

Clapperboard Alarm Clock

If you want to eat, breathe, and sleep in the world of acting for the big screen, you need to spend every moment of your day practicing for your next role. You must be able to switch between characters and emotions at the drop of a hat. Should you be the competitive type by nature, you could always challenge yourself with the most challenging challenge to ever challenge you.

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