Alarm Clock Tea Maker

This has to be the strangest combination gadget ever and yet I could see it becoming very handy.  Instead of waking up to an obnoxious beep, you could wake up to that beep noise and quickly recover with a nice hot cup of tea.  Of course maybe you should keep away from the chamomile, it’s probably best not to do anything that might help you fall back to sleep.

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The Stretching Clock

Somehow I doubt there are a whole lot of people that don’t do that morning stretch.  It loosens up all of those muscles after a full night of a very small amount of movement.  Well this clock actually uses your morning stretch to shut off the alarm.  Which is a whole lot better than stretching while you have to listen to beeping or slamming on the clock and then stretching afterward.

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USB Memory Watch

No fashion piece would quite be complete without a hidden USB drive.  It’s just a strange phenomon, but it’s a lesson you have to learn fast.  Otherwise you could make a horrible social blunder.  Thankfully Tokyoflash is now jamming USB drives into one end of the wristband of this watch.  That way your drive will always be within reach.  Then to finish it off they had to put on a watch face that requires you to think in order to read the time.

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Darth Vader Desk Clock

For those of you that enjoy staring at Darth Vader action figures more than you like seeing the time, you’re in luck.  You can purchase this clock, which is pretty much a large statue with an itty bitty clock at the bottom.  Sure, you’ll have to squint to read the time, but you have an impressive action figure to put on your desk.

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Moonwatch for you favorite werewolf

Now instead of just glancing at your watch and looking for hands that point at numbers, you can stare at the moon cycle.  This Monwatch is meant to be very deep and thought provoking.  Although truthfully I think it’s probably just created by a Twilight obsessed fan.  Just a theory.  Apparently, it’s meant to establish some sort of a relationship between the moon cycle and a person’s emotional state.  Yes, they really said that.

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45 RPM Record Clock

Rock and record fans alike should probably take a look at these new clocks.  Instead of just trashing old records, these have been updated and changed into clocks.  They’d be a great addition to any college dorm or a den.  What’s nice is that this doesn’t look like it was thrown together in someone’s garage within 15 minutes time.  Which is far too often the case with vintage items being turned into clocks.  It’s nice to see someone changing things up a bit.

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